Igor Grechanyk was born in Kiev, Ukraine and raised in an artistic family. From a young age, he took great interest in art and drawing. He attended the Republican Art School and later graduated from the State Art Institute in Kiev. Presently, Igor Grechanyks’ work and talent have made him an integral part of the pleiad of renowned Contemporary Artists. Numerous exhibitions of his work, all over the world, have invariably enjoyed success. His style is well recognized within artistic circles at a global level.

His artworks cross a boundary into the unknown realm. They are impressive in their gracefulness and force of inner energy. As the Dutch Art Historian, Poet and Curator Gerrit Ludinga described: “primeval power, beauty and elegance vie for priority..., the spiritual, immaterial expression takes precedence over and gloriously out- shines the material reality of the sculpture”. “In fact, Igor Grechanyks’ sculptures may be seen as symbols of a spiritual entity. His art shows a strong af nity with Symbolism, which, as a reaction to the realism that domi- nated the arts around 1850, focused attention on the power of imagination, fantastic images and intuition”.

Over the years he completed several signi cant commissions for monuments in public areas in Ukraine and other countries. His works are held in important private and museum collections in Ukraine and abroad.
“The life of artist is going in permanent creative search. Something surreal sends its signals and an artist as receiver transforms and retranslates them further. When you create a sculpture first an image should come. It comes from outside, from cosmos, if you like. The light non-material body is created on another level. And an artist perceives it as a diode receiver. First the image is not concrete, indistinct, but gradually it becomes visible, its outline appears. Then it intensifies and you realize it in this world. The process of this transition can take years. And it is very important not to be in a hurry, not to try to speed up the process, not to attract spirit and form by force. Everything must go naturally. And in the tensest moment you must let sculpture rest” –the artist says.

According to him “the mission of an artist is in liberation of spiritual energy of a man. Man’s potential opens as a result of communication with art, with artist. Being plunged in the world of art, looker-on receives an opportunity to get in touch with the source of creativeness itself, enriching him by new spiritual experience. What an artist can give to this world – is to disclose its diversity, multiformity, to show that the world is much greater than our notion about it. Contact with new unknown side of existence gives rise to a new serial of images”.
• 2013  Art-Shanghai – with Europ’Art China Gallery (Shanghai) - ShanghaiMART

2013 Denmark, Hilleroed–A presentation of Imaginaire VI book and group exhibitions of the art of Magic Realism-Fantasmus Art 

2013 Poland, Szczyrk and Krakow – international exhibition  “Magical Dreams” in Beskidzka Galeria Sztuki and at Art Krakow

2013 Germany-Netherlands-Belgium – group exhibitions within International Art project “Dreamscapes-V” – curator Marcel Salome and Gerrit Luidinga (Re-Art, Netherlands)

2013 China, Guangzhou – solo exhibition in Guangdong Yuehua Painting Academy

2013 China, Guangzhou – Art Fair in Guangzhou – Baiyun Convention Center

2013 Ukraine, Kiev - group exhibition "Noah's Ark" - House of Artists

2012 China, Guangzhou - exhibition in the Guangdong Yuehua Art Academy

2012 Monaco, Monte-Carlo– solo exhibition “New Harmony” – Maison de L’Amérique Latine de Monaco - Sous la Présidence d’Honneur de S. A. S. le Prince Albert II de Monaco - Europa - Résidence

2012 Ukraine, Kiev– Exhibition of modern sculpture – Museum Art-Arsenal

2012 USA, Kansas City (MO) – Spectrum Fantastic Art Live – Convention Center

2012 The Netherlands, Hilversum – International exhibition "Fantastisch Perspectief" – CBK GSH galerie

2012 Ukraine, Kiev – exhibition “Nu” – Gallery “Mytets”

2012 Poland, Wloslawek – International Exhibition “Magical Dreams”- The Gallery of Contemporary Art

2012 Ukraine, Kiev - group exhibition "From Trypillia till our days" - House of Artists

2011 USA, Washington D.C. - solo exhibition  - P & C Art Gallery

2011 USA, New York – solo exhibition –Ukrainian Institute of America – under patronage of Consul General of Ukraine in New York Mr. Serhiy Pohoreltsev

2011 France, Marseille – exhibition under patronage of Consul of Ukraine in Marseille Mr. Viacheslav Vosdigan

2011 Austria, Vienna – solo exhibition “The Bridge of Spirit over the River of Life” – MOYA Museum

2011 Ukraine, Kiev – Exhibition of Creative Association “The Golden Gate” – Pete-Art Gallery

2011 Ukraine, Kiev – Museum Art-Arsenal – Sculpture exhibition and Fine Art Ukraine

2011 Switzerland, Geneva - «Collectif d'artistes peinture, photographie, sculpture» - Exclusive Arts SA - MIMESIS Contemporary Art

2010-2011 Denmark, Copenhagen - exhibition of Imaginairy Art - organizer Center for Art of International Imaginary Realism – curator Claus Brusen

2010 Denmark, Copenhagen - Group Exhibition of the art of Magic Realism - Fantasmus Art Gallery

2010 France, Paris - Exposition "D'amour et de vie, la passion origine de toute creation" - La comissaire d'exposition: Christine Labbe - L’organisateur : ARTofNOW

2010 USA, Washington D.C. -solo exhibition "The Bridge of Spirit over the River of Time" - P & C Art Gallery

2010 Ukraine, Kiev - Festival "Stairway to Heaven" - Ukrainian House, European square

2010 Switzerland, Geneva - exhibition "Victory of Mystical Moods - Two European Masters of Symbolic and Fantastic Art" (with painter Victor Safonkin) - Exclusive Arts SA - MIMESIS Contemporary Art

2010 Ukraine, Kiev - Fine Art Ukraine - Ukrainian House

2010 USA, New York - solo exhibition "Looking through the Bronze" - Ukrainian Institute of America

2010 France, Paris - solo exhibition "La Magie du Bronze" - ArtClub Gallery

2010 France, Paris - solo exhibition - Le Centre Culturel de l’Ambassade d’Ukraine

2010 The Netherlands, Amsterdam - DREAMSCAPES-2010 book release exhibition

2010 Ukraine, Kiev - Sculpture exhibition - Ukrainian House

2010 France, Nice - Night of Sculpture in Nice - Galerie "Princesse de Kiev"

2010 Belgium, Brussels - solo exhibition - Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the European Union

2010 Belgium, Brussels - Ll’exposition de l'hiver 2010 d’Espase Evanescence

2009 - 2010 USA, New York - solo exhibition - Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations

2009 USA, New York - solo exhibition "Dreams of Ukraine" - Ukrainian Museum in New York

2009 USA, Washington D.C. - solo exhibition - Embassy of Ukraine to the USA

2009 USA, Santa Fe - The Art of Imaginary Realism - Chalk Farm Gallery

2009 Denmark, Saeby and Germany, Viechtach - International project "Dante's Divine Comedy" - curator Claus Brusen - ANTASMUS-ARTC.A.I.I.R. Center for Art of International Imaginary Realism

2009 The Netherlands, Woerden - Het ultieme contrast - Art Society Woerden

2009 Ukraine , Kiev - Sculpture Exhibition in Ukrainian House

2008 The Netherlands, Amsterdam - DREAMSCAPES-2008 book release exhibition

2008 France, Nice - Exhibition "L'Alchimie du Bronze"- Igor Grechanyk & Salvador Dali - Galerie "Princesse de Kiev"

2008 Switzerland, Bern - Exposition on occation of the Independence Day of Ukraine - Embassy of Ukraine with participation of Galerie Alexander E. Raeber

2008 Ukraine , Kiev - Art-Kiev - Ukrainian House

2008 Ukraine , Kiev - GogolFest - Art Arsenal

2008 Denmark, Saeby - Exhibition of fantastic figurative art - Gallery "Fantasmus"

2008 The Netherlands, Leeuwarden - Exhibition "IGOR GRECHANYK en Russische Kunst" - Galerie "De Gouden Phoenix" with Ukrainian Embassy support

2008 France, Nice - Exhibition "Les Metamorphoses des Faunes"- Galerie "Princesse de Kiev"

2007 "Galerie Brusen", Denmark and Re-Art, Holland- DREAMSCAPE-2007 book release exhibitions

2007 Denmark, Holland, France - Exhibition of Imaginary Art "Venus and the Female Intuition"

2007 Great Britain, London - Exhibition of THE SOCIETY FOR ART OF IMAGINATION - The Mall Gallery

2007 Monaco - Salon DEC'OH Espace Fontvieille

2007 Ukraine , Kiev - Grand Salon in Ukrainian House

2007 France, Nice - Exhibition of fantastic art - Galerie "Princesse de Kiev"

2006 Switzerland, Zurich - Exhibition with Rolf Ziegler (painting) - Galerie Alexander E. Raeber

2006 Denmark, Copenhagen and Saeby - Exhibition of fantastic figurative art - Galerie Brusen

2006 Switzerland, Gruyeres - A Feast for Imagination - Groupe exhibition in HR GIGER MUSEUM

2006 Ukraine, Kiev - Summer Exhibition in Gallery LADA - Museum of Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine

2005 France, Paris - "CONTEMPORARY MASTERS OF IMAGINERY" - Galerie Michelle Boulet

2005 Ukraine, Kiev - "THE CHARM OF FEMININITY" - Ukrainian House (Central Exhibition Hall)

2005 Ukraine, Kiev - Exhibition "Ukrainian Art" within World Economic Forum - Ukrainian House

2005 Ukraine, Kiev - Creative Association "Golden Gate" - Exhibition "On the Road of Myths" - Ukrainian House

2005 Ukraine, Kiev - Winter Garden - Group Exhibition - Ukrainian House (Central Exhibition Hall)

2005 The Netherlands, Amsterdam - REALISME05 - Modern Figurative Art Show

2004 The Netherlands, Nieuweschhans - Sculptuur in Beeld X - Galerie WIEK XX

2004 The Netherlands, Woerden - Group Exhibition - Galerie Paradijs

2003 The Netherlands, Woerden - Group Exhibition (Ernst Fuchs, Igor Grechanyk, Andre Martins de Barros, Reon, Anita Nunez Larraz, Victor Safonkin) - Galerie Paradij

2003 Ukraine, Kiev - Exhibition in the City Hall

2002 Russia, Moscow - Solo Exhibition - Cultural Center of Ukraine in Moscow

2002 Russia, Moscow - International Art-Salon - Central Palace of Artists

2002 Ukraine, Kiev - Triennale of Sculptures - National House of Artists

2001 Germany, Magdeburg - Solo Exhibition - Gala-Galerie

2001 Germany, Magdeburg - II International Art Festival -Gala-Art

2000 Germany, Hannover - Expo-2000 - Solo Exhibition in Ukrainian pavilion

2000 Germany, Magdeburg - I International Art Festival - Gala-Art

2000 Ukraine, Kiev - Group Exhibition - Gallery CITY N

1999 Ukraine, Kiev - Slavonic Fair

1999 France, Gueunion - 3-d Art Salon

1998 Ukraine, Kiev - Artists Union GOLDEN GATES - Exhibition "Art in Space and Time"

1998 Ukraine, Kiev - Exhibition "60 Years of Artists Union of Ukraine"

1997 Ukraine, Kiev - Exhibition of Artists Union GOLDEN GATES

1996 Ukraine, Kiev - International Fair of Galleries

1995 U.S.A., New York City - Group Exhibition at Lincoln Center "Treasures of a Forgotten Country"

1995 Ukraine, Kiev - Solo Exhibition - Gallery "Irena"

1992 France, Versailles - "Ukrainian Artists"

1991 Sweden, Malmo - "The Ukrainian Modern Art"

1991 U.S.A., Pittsburgh - "Ukrainian Art"

1990 Ukraine, Kiev - National Exhibition of Sculpture

1989 Russia, Moscow - 2-nd World Youth Festival

1988 Ukraine, Kiev - Exhibition "Millenium of Christianity in Kievan Rus"

1987 Russia, Leningrad (St.Petersburg) - Exhibition "50 Years of Academy of Arts of the USSR"
• 2006 "Artistic Olympus of Ukraine" Award

• 2007 Diploma of Ukrainian Parliament for significant contribution to Ukrainian culture and art
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