Jacques Robert


Jacques possesses an unmistakable palette filled with warm and comforting colours, which stride across the canvas, from the last to the first plane, and unfold themselves in a magnificent range, making emotions overflow, whilst filling our own senses. His paint seems about to crack and multiplies itself through several planes in all directions, covering the canvas with a natural, harmonious and organic movement. His muses are projected on the first plane, against a background made of stunning and pastoral landscapes, punctuated by houses and surrounded by the sea. They work as landmarks to which people get attached, and are capable of revealing their character. The atmosphere reflects an intrinsic luminosity that infects every shape and colour.

Jacques uses a stylized language, through which everything seems pure and unique, as if things were the fruit of subtle layers of a spatula, which perpetuate the texture throughout an elegant trail. The details are expressively and brilliantly replaced by top-notch mapping, achieved with colours and impastos. The colours are not plain, they always represent an array of nuances, hues, and saturations; mixtures that warm, refresh, refute, modify and provide a tone that matches the texture. Even if one does not see this, he ends up feeling it. 

There’s a homogeneous geometry, reduced to the most basic form, without distractive details, emphasising its volumetry, the beauty of the lines and its quality. His painting is a palette on the move. His colours, always fresh, have absolute freedom, allowing us to simultaneously see the land and the sky in shades of blue, red, ochre and violet, things that seem dreamlike or that come from artistic imagination, however, with a closer look, all these elements actually do posses these variations of colour.

By Pedro Boaventura • Excerpt from Masters of Painting - Volume 1

Jacques Robert was born in Cork in 1949. He went to the Academy of Fine Arts from 1968 to 1971 and left because he played as a bassist in the professional orchestra, Serpent Noirs (from 1970 to 1974). In 1981, his ex-wife and he opened a restaurant called Au Vieux Tibunal. In September 2008, he got his early retirement and thus also a lot of free time. Hewas encouraged by Louise and made a dream come to life…he took his brushes that he had stored for 37 years so that one day, when the opportunity came about, he could paint. He now hopes to be able to continue his passion a few years more.

Painting is his passion that allows him to put on canvas the experience of the present moment, the emotion that provides inspiration and the information of the times we live.

He is an admirer of Modigliani, Cézanne and A. Raty for their innovative work and their great personalities in creating their own style.

• 2011 Winner of the European Artistic Merit in De Pann

• 2011 Bronze Medal Arts Sciences and Letters of the city of Paris

• 2011 Winner of Five Golden Stars - International Art Eindhoven Holland
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