Jean Christophe


Jean Christophe was born in Nemours on January 21, 1963. He is the youngest sibling of four children, not fond of studying but rather always ready for any practical work instead. At 14 years of age, his parents had no other solution than to send him on an internship in the depths of the Creuse to learn the stone cutting industry, which to him seemed totally out of date at the time. He wanted to work with wood instead but there was no room.

Despite a discipline of another age, he discovered a passion for this work combining physical efforts with dexterity. After a few months he created his first sculpture in limestone. It was a monk in prayer, no doubt the first sign, totally unconscious at the time, of an interest in spirituality, which was not manifested until many years later. He followed a career as a stonecutter with encounters on sites of restoration of historical monuments, which made him understand that his true passion was in fact sculpture.

The classical works of the Renaissance filled him with admiration and seemed so inaccessible that he convinced himself that it would be impossible for him to express himself in the same way. He later became passionate about sculpting hands; he was surprised at the result and the ease with which he molded these hands, and soon went to Carrara to recover marble blocks left on the ground and began to carve his first marbles in 1990 which were a hand and a foot.

Today he explores the expression of his curiosity without constraint. His sculptures are created in life size and without any prior studies or drawings. It begins with an indefinite idea at the beginning that evolves, then asserts itself according to its size. The material guides him and then when the subject seems defined, he takes the relay to complete this union between spirit and matter.

He has also discovered other materials such as bronze that allows him to give second life to his works and to continue the process of creativity through polychromy.
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