Jerôme Oudot Trëz


Trëz Orb is a French artist from Paris. By using various tools of creation (photography, painting, sculpture, video...), he wonders about mankind. Body and mind are his fields of analysis. His work exposes his own world view and the human, as it appears to him. This is for him to find his place among this chaotic structure that he does not understand.

Creation is the only way for him to know who he is. Trëz is a member of the Oxyum Art Collective and of the Octopulse Collective. He is also a resident artist of La Cave Show Room Gallery. He ready had the chance to participating in great exhibitions (in France, United States, Belgium, Spain...) with a lot of amazing artists like H.R. Giger, Olivier de Sagazan, Bruce D. Mitchell, Seth Siro Anton, Yoann Penard and many more.
• 2017 Galerie Art&MIS, "Embryon", curated by Serena Bonomi-Karkour (February, Paris, France)

2017 "Affordable Art Fair", represented by the Il Melograno Gallery (February, Milano, Italia)

2017 Castel Dell' Ovo, "Art for a Cure" (January & february, Naples, Italia)

2016 Galerie Akiza, "À table les Licornes" (December, Paris, France)

2016 Atelier Lecchi, "Le Cabinet de Curiosités 2" (November & December, Paris, France)

2016 Il Melograno, "Spazio Turchese #1" (September, Livorno, Italia)

2016 Bastille Design Center, "Salon Figuration Critique" (September, Paris, France)

2016 Atelier Oblik, "Réelle expo !" curated by Kkum Gallery & Galerie Floc'h (September, Clichy, France)

2016 Galerie La Danse des Oiseaux, "Exposition de dessins" (July & August, Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle, France)

2016 Lanificio159, "Waiting for the Moon" collective show, curated by the Nero Gallery (June and July, Roma, Italia)

2016 Akiza Galerie, "Noty & Aroz" (February and March, Paris, France)

2016 Akiza Galerie, "SCRREAMS!" collective show, tribute to Munch (February, Paris, France)

2015 Institut Français, "Chimera" (November to December, Roma, Italia)

2015 Il Melograno gallery, "12 Francs" (26th September to 9th October, Livorno, Italia)

2015 Nero Gallery, "Nymphosis" (May to August, Roma, Italia)

2015 Espace Fayolle, "Solo Show" (April to May, Gueret, France)

2015 BIFFF 2015, "Triorrifik" (April, Bruxells, Belgium)

2015 GalleryX, "Macabre Gallery Show #1" (March to May, Dublin, Ireland)

2014 TheARTer Gallery "La Cave #6" collective show (November 2014 to February 2015, Berlin, Germany)

2014 Solo show at "Les Furieux" (September 2014, Paris, France)

2014 Le Qu4tre "Portes ouvertes 2014" collective show (May 2014, Argenteuil, France)

2014 NIU art space "NerOposters Exhibition" collective show (May 2014, Barcelona, Spain)

2014 Vanilla Gallery "Inside Artzine" (February 2014, Tokyo, Japan)

2014 Auditorium Saint-Germain "Ceci est mon corps", 22e soirée du Langage des Viscères (January 2014, Paris, France)

2013 Galerie 59 Rivoli, "LA CAVE" (November/December 2013, Paris, France)

2013 11 eme Renk-Arts, collective show (October 2013, Paris, France)

2013 La Cave Show Room Gallery "Yoann Penard & Trëz Orb" (May-June 2013, St Ouen, France)

2013 Théâtre de Verre "Corrosive Container" (April 2013, Paris, France)

2012 Auditorium Saint-Germain "Icônes en Disgrâce", Soirée du Langage des Viscères(December 2012, Paris, France)

2012 T-REX Galerie "Oxyum" first exhibition of the Art Collective (November 2012 / January 2013, Paris, France)

2012 Espace Chantecrit "Fin du Monde - Ethnographies" (October 2012, Bordeaux, France)

2012 T-REX Galerie "Bizarro à Saint Germain" (September/October 2012, Paris, France)

2012 Opiate Gallery "Ethereal Darkness" exhibition (May 2012, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA)

2012 Freaks Lab Cirkus Art Gallery "The Psychographik Art Show" (April 2012, Barcelona, Spain)

2012 Nova Belgica Art Gallery "Femme Fatale" exhibition (March-April 2012, St Truiden, Belgium)

2012 The Orbscurarium at the Black Dog, Solo show (January 2012, Paris, France)

2011 Le Terrier, workshop of Paul TOUPET, "Characters" exhibition (2011, Paris, France)

2011 Nova Belgica Art Gallery - "Heavy Metal" exhibition (2011, St Truiden, Belgium)

2011 Souterrain Porte 6 - Exhibition (2011, TOTEM, Maxeville, France)

2011 BIFFF Festival - Exhibition (2011, Bruxelles, Belgium)

2011 Nova Belgica Art Gallery - "Be Ma Valentine" exhibition (2011, St Truiden, Belgium)

2010 Abnormals Gallery - "Video Event" (2010, Berlin, Germany)

2009 Souterrain Porte 5 - Exhibition (2009, TOTEM, Maxeville, France)

2009 Galerie d'Art Comm1 - Exhibition (2009, Metz, France)

2009 Festival des Arts Bourrins - Exhibition (2009, France)
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