Joe Esposito - Video

Joe Esposito was born in the USA in 1953. A magical, mystical world always existed within Esposito. Children know this world well but as we grow, reality slams shut the gates to this sacred place. Esposito’s inner world grew into a deeply, personal creative kingdom.

The self-taught artist learned to bring his world to life with paint. His ability to bring emotions to the surface brought a profound sense of purpose into his life. Joe believes art has the power to inspire and heal. His paintings bring hope into the human heart and shine light into the dark, desolate side of humanity. Es- posito stated, “If I put light into the world, one day it will possibly shine back on my own soul in the form of salvation and redemption”. Joe’s art comes from a spiritual wellspring that exists beyond this world. He uses brushes and paint but without his heart, soul and spirit, there would be no art.

Esposito noted, “Being able to create is a gift. In the studio, I face strong, underlying, universal truths about me and about the world that we live in. Through my art, I try to replace despair with hope. Both praise and criticism from me or anyone else in this world are irrelevant. One day, my life and my art will be judged by a Great Spirit in a world that we cannot touch or see”.
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