Keng Lye was born in Singapore on 24th of August 1964.  He graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine arts in 1988 with a diploma in graphic design.

In 1986, He began working as an art director in advertising and in 1995 he started his own graphic design company. At that time, he started to explore digital art. The subjects of his art were mainly people, fish, and flowers. Finally in 2011, after he left the design industry, he started to dabble in resin art when his friend, photographer Gerald Gay showed him a video that introduced him to Japanese artist Riusuke fukahori’s technique with resin. And with that, gave him a challenge to create the 3-D resin art similar to the works of Ruisuke Fukahori and that sparked off his inspiration for the resin works he creates today.

He believes that it is hard work and good attitude, and not talent that have brought his works fame. All his works, he believes, encompass the theme of serenity, which he feels creates an overall calming effect. With his works, he hopes to inspire others to work with this medium, and keep trying.

In his octopus series “Please don’t eat me”, he advocates awareness on the cruelty of the consumption of live octopuses in which he strongly feels that they should not be consumed alive for recreational means. His inspiration for several of his fish series were derived from childhood memories of catching these fish from local drains during his youth.
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