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Konstantin Kacev is a Russian artist. He was born in 1967 in Taschent, where he remained until 1983. After that, he studied in Skopje, and he then graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Skopje in 1995. There, he learned all of the ins and outs of painting, conservation, and restoration, He was for a long time an unknown artist, but in the late 90s, his profile began to rise.

During that time, he worked at the Republic’s Department of Culture and Conservation, working as a freelance wall painting conservator. The responsibilities of that job were to him an opportunity to hone his skills and become a more efficient artist. His hard work paid off in 1999 when he started to exhibit his work throughout Macedonia.

In 2005, Konstanin did several independent exhibitions in Paris and New York. He continues to live and work in Skopje, feeling deeply connected to this place where he first discovered himself and where he first came into his own as an artist.

A small-town artist with a big-city talent, he is renowned for the wonder of his still life paintings, which are said to be vibrant without being lucid and reserved without being dull. He strikes a balance between colour and lack of colour, painting paintings that to many people reflect life better than anyone else. A connoisseur of reality, he considers these presentations to be his calling.
• 2002 Macedonia - Skopje - group exhibition

2003 Macedonia - Bitola - group exhibition

2003 Macedonia - Skopje - MFAA

2004 Macedonia - Bitola - group exhibition

2004 Macedonia - Gevgelija - group exhibition

2004 Macedonia - Kavadarci - group exhibition

2005 Macedonia - Bitola - group exhibition

2005 USA - New York - "Gallery MC" - solo exhibition

2005 France - Paris - "Cite internationale des Art" - solo exhibition

2006 Macedonia - Skopje - "Museum of Contemporary Art"

2006 MFAA - Macedonia - Skopje - National gallery of Macedonia, Multimedia centre

2006 "Mala Stanica" - solo exhibition

2007 Bitola, Macedonia, group exhibition

2009 Bitola, Macedonia, group exhibition

2010 Paris, France 2010 Grand Palais (Art en Capital group exhibition), Bronze medal

2011 Berlin, Germany, Prima Center solo exhibition

2011 Paris, France Grand Palais (Art en Capital group exhibition), Silver medal

2011 Bitola, Macedonia - solo exhibition

2011 Gevgelija, Macedonia - solo exhibition

2011 Kavadarci, Macedonia - solo exhibition

2012 City Museum, group exhibition (Award "Dimitar Kondovski")

2012 Grand Palais, ART EN CAPITAL, Paris, Golden Medal Award.

2013 New York Exibition, MC Gallery

2013 Grand Palais, Paris. Art en Capital Exhibition

2014 Sofia, St Climent University Exhibition
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