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The Neoclassical approach and the mastery in technique, represent one of Piotrowski’s strong assets, which we can uncover throughout his entire work. His themes vary between historic or orientalism, feminine beauty and still life all represented in Romantic Realism.

Piotrowski is brilliant when it comes to characterising actions, pure snaps whose naturalness is so palpable that it’s almost as if we were witnessing a scene.

The poses are delicate and elegant, they reveal the bodies through a perfect anatomy, and possess properly elaborated textures.

The warm light is carefully positioned, emphasizing the volumetry and contributes to the general atmosphere, reflecting more intensively the skin tones and the warm and golden hues. Piotrowski enjoys working the light punctually, as the light doesn’t actually swamp the entire scene, quite the opposite in fact, it sprinkles itself fitfully and sometimes it is even capable of creating patterns that channel our glance and manipulate our attention. In some figures, it’s deeply interesting to witness the use of violets, lilacs and magentas in recessive planes and grey areas, causing a more dynamic and artistic tonal contrast. The women establish a connection with the colour and texture of their enveloping fabrics, in a mirror that emphasises their freshness, beauty and seduction. They ordinarily have a thoughtful or contemplative semblance, which sometimes is even nostalgic and melancholic. The fabrics let their brightness shine through subtle and careful colours, sometimes punctuated with strong colours. 

He is splendid in horse portrays, in which, besides mastering the equestrian anatomy and its movement, he is also able to convey their strength. The reflections of their fur, so unique and typical, are masterfully reproduced: refracted under a kaleidoscopic multiplicity of colours.

By Pedro Boaventura • Excerpt from Masters of Painting - Volume 1

Leszek Piotrowski “ Lesstro “ was born 19th December 1984 in Gdynia, Poland. He graduated from the European Academy of Arts in Warsaw in 2009 – master degree in Painting, diploma with highest marks, under guidance of Prof. Franciszek Starowieyski, the most distinguished Polish painter.

Lesstro paints classical realism. There are historical, genre scenes, portraits, horses, female nudes, landscapes and drawings among his artworks. He is happiest when creating large scale paintings. By looking at his paintings we find universality and vitality of great and classical art. Dash, block intuition, rich color palette and first of all chiaroscuro are characteristics of his work. Paintings and drawings associate with the climate of old masters. However, it does not result from blind imitation or deliberate artistic intention but is a sign of an unusual artistic instinct of this very young painter, who has just started his professional career.

Although very young, the artist has already achieved significant success at the international art scene. Still being a student (in June 2009) Lesstro received his first, world-wide success when he received the Golden Trophy Award at World’s Nude Show in Hong Kong. His paintings were displayed among world renowned artists from the 19th century. The Gallery bought six of his paintings.
Even though it is still a bald artistic decision I create very classical art pieces. I am hoping to build a new movement of European art modeling itself after Dutch, Flemish, Spanish and Italian schools. Bringing together and reawakening enthusiasm for the Old Masters work and the urgent need for renewed reverence for reality, by bringing back skills and spirit of the pre-impressionist painters. My desire is to remind the audience we carry as human beings emotions, memory and dream. There are things in life that unite people. Art seems to be universal. So what is about art that makes it universal? Feeling, color, our sensory reaction to it. I create visual art of perfect workshop, without falling back on experiment just for exercising experiment.
• 2009 World’s Nude Show, Baoqu Tang Gallery, Hong Kong

2009 III International Painting Competition “Natale di Roma“ Villa Pamphilij, Roma, Italy, I Painting and Graphics

2009 Exhibition “I Colori della Polonia a Roma“ Cascina Farsetti, Roma, Italy

2009 Solo Exhibition – Gallery Gora, Montreal, Canada

2009 Art Zurich International,Congress House, Switzerland,

2009 V International Biennal of Painting and Unique Fabric Eko-Balt – Museum of Gdynia, Poland

2010 Group Exhibition in Royal Casa de la Moneda, Madrid

2010 Group Exhibition in the Foundation of Fran Daurel, Barcelona

2010 IV International Painting Competition “Natale di Roma“ Villa Pamphilij, Roma

2010 II Painting and Graphics Exhibition “I Colori della Polonia a Roma“ Cascina Farsetti, Roma

2010 Solo Exhibition – “Mark 121 – Fine Art Events“, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2010 BP Portrait Award, London, Great Britain

2011 Spring Exhibition Competition 2011, Charlottenborg Fonden, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011 International Painting Competition Gallery Makeda, Palermo, Sicily

2011 V International Painting Competition “Natale di Roma”, Villa Pamphilij, Roma

2011 VI Figurative Painting and Sculpture Competition – Foundation of Arts and Artists, Barcelona, Spain

2011 XII International Painting Competition “Memorial Antonello da Messina“, Messina, Sicily

2011 International Drawing Competition – Foudation Ynglada Guillot, Barcelona

2012 3rd Edition of Exhibition of Modern Art in Lleida by Trazos Art Gallery, Spain

2012 BP Portrait Award Competition, Summer Exhibition Competition by Royal

2012 Academy of Art, London Exhibition “Horsepower” by Trazos Art Gallery, sponsored by BMW Spain

2013 Exhibition at Gallery d’Art Lawrence-Arnott, Marrakech, Morocco

2013 Exhibition at “Amelie H.” Gallery, Brussels

2013 Exhibition at Amart Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2013 Belgian Antique Dealers Art Fair“ BAS“ “Brusselsartsquare”, Brussels, Belgium

2014 EXPO-Madrid 2014 – Exhibition by Llei d’Art Gallery, accompanying ARCO Madrid

2014 Solo Exhibition at ‘Contemporary Masters Fine Arts “, Hawai - Maui, the USA

2014 Open Competition by Royal Society of Portrait Painters, London, England,Global Competition of Oil Figure Painting 2014 by New Dynasty Tang Television,New York, the USA

2015 Solo Exhibition at GRONERT Fine Art Gallery – Munich, Germany

2016 Russian Art Week, Central House of Artists/Trietiakow Gallery, Moscow Art Portrait Club International Festival in Moscow, Central House of Artists Group Exhibition“ Women in portraits“, Central House of Artists
• 2009 Golden Trophy Award – World’s Nude Show, Hong Kong

2009 First Prize in the III International Painting Competition “Natale di Roma“ Prize of Rome Mayor in the I Painting Competition “ I Colori della Polonia a Roma”

2010 Finalist of 5th Figurative Painting and Sculpture Competition – Foundation of Arts and Artists – European Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona, Spain

2010 First Prize in the IV International Painting Competition “Natale di Roma“ Prize of Rome Mayor in the II Painting and Graphics Competition “ I Colori della Polonia a Roma “

2011 First Prize in XI Memorial “Antonello da Messina“ – Premio Europeo TINDARI, “Premio Presidente del Giuria“ in the Vth International Painting Competition “Natale di Roma“

2011 Finalist in International Painting Competition – Gallery Makeda, Palermo, Sicily

2014 Lesstro’s portrait “Dominique “pre-selected in Annual Open Exhibition by Royal Society of Portrait Painters, The Mall Galleries, London, UK

2014 Brown Award at 9th International Global Oil Figure Painting Competition 2014, New York, the USA, recommended by the judges to give Interviews and live demo for TV - by New Tang Dynasty TV, New York

2015 Lesstro’s portrait “Barbara“ pre-selected in Annual Open Exhibition by Royal Society of Portrait Painters, The Mall Galleries , London, UK

2015 Lesstro’s painting “Still life with mask” pre-selected in Open Exhibition by New English Art Club, The Mall Galleries, London

2015 Lesstro’s Painting “Mirella“ pre-selected in the VII Figurative Painting and Sculpture Competition by Foundation of Arts and Artists, Barcelona, Spain

2015 Lesstro invited for individual Residency by Abu Dhabi Art Hub (September 2015)

2016 II Award in Russian Art Week: nomination – “Nude Aesthetic“

2016 II Award in Art Portrait Club 2nd International Festival in Moscow; nomination “Classical Portrait“
• 2011 Lesstro selected by “TRAZOS Art Marketing“ – Spain as contemporary,figurative painter – articles published in “Llei D’Art, No.6/2011., No.7/2011

2012 Lesstro’ s painting of horse was selected as promotional image of “ Horsepower” Exhibition in Spain, sponsored by BMW Spain

ExArte Equinus VI – USA – selected as finalist to be published in the Annual Book Of the VI International Equine Art Competition 2012-2013, Lesstro selected to be published in “Annuario d’Art Contemporanea – 2013“ – Cured by Vittorio Sgarbi, Italy

2013 “Tutto Arabi” Magazine (world –wide, Arabian horse magazine, Milano , August 2013 – 6 pages publication on Lesstro’s career and his horse painting

Lesstro selected to be published in “I Segnalati” - Contemporary Masters in Painting, Book cured by Salvatore Russo, Italy

2015 Lesstro selected to be published in the Yearbookof “Arte y Libertad“ by Arte Libre Publishers, Spain
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