Mai Anh Tran - Video

Mai Anh Tran is a French-Vietnamese artist. She was a prodigy of sorts, displaying brilliance as a child in painting, sculpting, photography, and video editing. She drifted, however, toward digital art, studying Digital Matte Painting at world-famous Parisian Art & Design School. Today, she is based out of Montreal, where she works in the movie industry. Her matte paintings have been featured in such major motion pictures as Tomorrowland, Deadpool, Star Trek, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Warcraft, in addition to Game of Thrones and other big-name TV series.

A huge fan of fantasy and science fiction growing up, Mai Anh is living her dream today, exhibiting her own matte paintings depicting dystopian skylines and fantastic landscapes. Her watercolor paintings have also won her praise, and the works that she had done based on her Asian origins are especially acclaimed.

Born in 1990, Mai Anh is an astoundingly accomplished artist, both commercially and critically for her age, and she shows immense promise going forward. Someone whose work seems always to be improving, she possesses a remarkable mind and an impressive intuition when it comes to color and composition. Her works speaks to a wide audience, which has been a major factor in her early success in Hollywood. Refined and yet never even approaching sanitary, her matte paintings are the way that fine art and commercial art meet under ideal circumstances.
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