Mariana Palova is Mexican, born on June 30th, 1990. At 16, she started to feel an interest for digital photography and is self-taught. Having incipient whirlpools of personality, she experimented with digital manipulation, with the objective of creating corporal modifications to herself. She started looking for the way to her own artistic personality, finding in the positive, vivid and colorful metamorphosis her cosmogony.

Mariana likes to play with the transformation and experience’s influence, being surrounded by a certain aura and holding special devotion for elements of nature, analogies, and the astrological environment, giving birth to a whole new and first stage of her artistic work. Her work has quickly gotten involved with important art guilds, generating both rejection and praise, evoking sensitive work, overflowing with passion and with life’s philosophy based on the beauty of human’s metamorphosis, the values and the charm of the imagination.
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