Marius Markowski


Marius Markowski - Video

Marius Markowski was born in 1976 in Switzerland where he was raised in a small town. Nowadays, he spends his time alternately between Brazil and Switzerland. He has always enjoyed creative activities since he can remember, namely drawing and oil painting. His artistic effort in digital painting found its origin in oil painting, where he passionately focused his energy for several years. One day he had the idea to prepare an image on the computer in order to have more liberty in the development process. While experimenting with these new tools, he discovered his enthusiasm for digital painting, which he has been practicing since 2012.

Digital Painting brings him great creative pleasure and he enjoys experimenting with new styles and different approaches. Due to his experiences with oil paint in the past, he nds it very interesting to digitally imitate oil paint. In his artwork, he creates vivid visual stimuli and has no intention in conveying a political, moral or ideological message. He simply enjoys expressing of feelings, moods, ambience and sensual perceptions.
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