Matti Sirvio was born in Sotkamo, Finland. Since 2006 he has been working in Istanbul , Turkey. He has lived and worked in Russia, USA, Sweden, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and in Kazakstan. He travelled extensively all over Central-Asia from Turkey to China. After moving to Istanbul he picked up his passion for painting again.

The bright and strong colors of Central Asia and the Caucasus had captivated his soul. Sirvio's style is Semi-abstract Expressionism. They reflect his impressions from the Orient and the North. He is a colorist. Bold combination of cold and warm colors communicates an interesting message that leads the spectator to consider the fundamental questions of our very existence. The works speak of eternity and invite us with optimism of light to observe and to believe. The tapestry of the cultures and religions of the Middle-East touches the current issues with symbols and joyful details. During the past years Sirvio has had exhibitions in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, England, Russia, Austria and Finland.
It's a great mistake to direct our lives by the material, visible things only. The best things in life continue to be invisible and free of charge. I feel that I'm called to be in between these two worlds. I want to make the invisible more visible. I'm looking for the picture behind the pictures. Eternity is very real, but often covered by a lot of man-made dirt. I want my pictures to speak about eternity. Abstract thinking can bring all of us beyond our time and place, yes, all the way to eternity.

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