Menunana’s artistic production seems to be linked to the “cult of sacredness”, but his “sacred art” is quite avant-guarde and provocative. Under God’s attentive eye, his model’s attitude alternate substantially, either with irreverence or submission, tenderness and provocation, candour and lust, with disbelief and faith. At times they evoke sex more than they do love. They unfold into a panoply of behaviours and feelings that are considered contradictory but yet complementary.

Menunana relies on several layers, consecutively arranged, that build a sort of vignette and envelop the model in a fully-coloured frame. In his work, his use of multiple design elements is also very characteristic and unique. He uses line and form as ornaments, resorting to the repetition of patterns, which are overlapped in several areas of the composition. At times, he makes use of effects such as polarisation, solarization, posterization and bas-relief, which resemble digital art or photographic post-production.

These effects cause high contrast with his careful rendering method, visible in the detail he employs on anatomy and skin tonalities. The use of bold spots of colour, with direct and adjacent contrasts, causes a stencil-like “interference” superimposing the subject matter. Sometimes these colours hold electric and flourishing properties, which convey an energy that is almost dazzling.

After all the minutiae attention given through his exquisite skills, we get the impression that, like his models, Menunana feels the necessity of daubing the painting with a drastic attitude, something that matches the underlying message of his work, in which we find half-coy and half-impudent girls, playing a game of seduction that unite their holiness and sinful side.

By Pedro Boaventura • Excerpt from Masters of Painting - Volume 1

Menunana is a conceptual artist from Noordwijk, The Netherlands, who creates paintings which show his love for paintings, blending his love for the old masters in art together with the new and the unseen, combining the light side of life with the dark, to create wonderful and rich paintings.

Always staying true to make something that will stand the test of time, he shows his audience a world full of possibilities, full of love, sensuality and magic, that can only be achieved by being aligned with the best artists and by working from the heart.
• 2013 Dreamscapes , Viechtach Germany

2013 Dreamscapes V book (features Hans Kanters, Ole Ahlberg, Saturno Butto, Steven Kenny)

2012 Dreamscapes Mixed Up, Enschede The Netherlands

2010 Dreamscapes "Return of the masters", Amsterdam The Netherlands

2010 Dreamscapes book (features Michael Parkes, David Bowers, Viktor Safonkin, etc.)
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