Mohammed Rubat

Saudi Arabia

The letter was proud with the way it was written by and the white colour was shinier when it was chosen. These are not rhyming words which are written to be printed in a book. This is reality manifested in a drawn spirituality. If the bond did not exist, this reality would not have been there.

Jeddah witnessed his birth and noticed his ingenuity and skillfulness, so it swore that this artist will not be neglected and the existence will know about his creativity.

His way was paved for him by God, the most knowledgeable and most prudent, and his artistic abilities were noticed since he was a child. His uncle supported him and had a great effect on him in this field.

Since he was in primary education stage, art teachers took care of him. They encouraged him and directed him to this way. This was until he met the art supervisor, who was then the prominent art artist Abdullah Nawawi. He adopted his talent and informed him about all the ways that can help him make his talent known to the world. In his middle stage, He organized his first personal fair, which was the step that coloured his life and made him sure about the direction he will follow. Thus he joined the institute of Art Education in Riad. There, he fulfilled his desire for art and learned art academically. In every stage, there is somebody who guides and supports him. His memory holds a lot of names that supported him and contributed in forming his personality and coulouring his art. He then had a diploma from the institute of Arabic Calligraphy to start his story with the letter that has now become his mark and his partner in his approach to art.

After he finished studying, he traveled back to Jeddah. There, he worked as a teacher and this is still his current career. He tells the little kids the story of the colour and the notebook and teaches them how to express their feelings in painting.

Beside his traditional work, he started practicing his talent as an art artist through newspapers and magazines. He participated in designing stories and caricature. He also painted portraits. However, this matter did not satisfy him nor contained the energies inside him. This is why he decided to leave this field and forsake all his achievements in it after spending five years practicing it. Then he started a serious journey to find the entity of the real art artist which is hidden inside him. He moved in the field of art art and between its schools in a try to specify his own mark and form his painting. He depicted reality with water colours demonstrating an academic skillfulness that he learned. He narrated stories about the decorated windows of Jeddah and its worn out wooden boats in full details.

At the moment the meanings mixed inside him and the concepts varied, he started drawing surrealism using the acrylic paints which astonished the recipient and drew the attention of the whole art art field to this glorious artistic ability. He expresses his inner feelings which started to come to existence. He destroyed the lute and tore the stings of the violin, saying farewell to part of his life that he lived in the past and decided to change its course today.

He is still confused between many directions and approaches in order to establish a distinguished and unique ego, an ego that renewed its features through the experience of the past seventeen years. This was until he heard a tune which was chanted by the letters. He responded to that tune as it reminded him of the plainchants and the testaments.

He found what he was looking for in its curves where there is permissible faith which is not clouded, and spirituality that he chose, so it prayed for him faithfully. He tends towards using the dignified pure white colour to demonstrate transparency and spirituality in paints which are decorated by geometric Islamic ornaments. These ornaments are accumulated above each other to create harmony through transparency of water colour as it can be seen. He depicted horses that he decided to give the features of Arabian horses that have small heads, curved nicks, straight backs and raised wavy tails. His paintings in which he manifests horses are all characterized and distinguished by these features, until it became his mark that many people tried to follow and imitate. Yet, the luster of originality has to shine out of the accumulated copper and the inks that run skillfully and make you feel the meaning of infatuation. He utilized different materials to serve his art and personal taste. Manytimes, you find a dark colourful coalition where the colours coexist peacefully and occupy places near the middle or the side of his white painting. By doing this, he aims at explaining to us the meaning of artistic maturity and the awareness that the art artist must be characterized by when he makes the balance equation between two opposites, urging the human unconsciousness to disclose thousands of the contradicting things which has a big share in the universe.

Through his works, Abu Tamer is emphasizing the importance of developing his expressive realism and his ability to show the creation of both the human and the visual harmony.

When you stand up viewing his works, you notice personal elegance, clarity of soul and the seriousness of his pursuits. You can also trace quietness in his paintings, which is one of the things he was characterized by. In addition to this, spirituality that believes in self-denial, and the unlimited love of others, are depicted in his works. Indeed, he is a true friend who is always there for anyone who needs help.

He was awarded many prizes and participated in most of the events of the art art field whether they are national or international. He even established a school for himself that everybody benefits from. Today, he walks in the districts and streets of Jeddah, registering his name as one of its prominent features with a heart full of confidence and faith, yet, never surrendered to vanity.
• First place in the Youth care public Commission Exhibitions 

• First place (Arab Commission for Culture and Arts)

• First place (timed contest) third

• First place (Al-Janadriya Ceremony)

• First place (Abha Award for Terorisim)

• First place (Motherhood Award)

• First place (design of the Arabian Sports Logo)

• First place; King Abdullah Award (Watani)

• First place; Taif Abstract Art Competition

• Second place in the Islamic Art Competition

• First place in the Nation From the Abstract Artist point of view

• Iqtinaa' Award for the first Safeer Competition

• Forth place in the (Saudi Airlines Competition)

• Award for Al-Muqtanayat Competition

• The best teacher Award on a regional level

• Three Iqtinaa' awards for the second Safeer Competition

• Third place; Abha Abstract Art Award

• Iqtinaa' award (Al-Safeer Competition)

• First place in the painting and Poetry Award (Sooq Okaz Competition)
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