Nad Wolinska


In a constant state of evolution, Nad Wolinska journeyed through a variety of Artistic processes: ballet, mime, theatrical stage management, light and sound designer, decorator and illustrator.

From a small medieval village in central France, where she born. Through Paris, Hong Kong, London, New York, San Francisco and India she has made her unique path in search of true beauty. She is a complete artist and a self-taught painter.

Her path crossed remarkable men and women who help her shape and polish her talent. She honed her craft in Paris, assisting and later collaboration with photo-realist painter Alain Pichereau that gave her a foundation in painting. This training led to commissioned work, portraits, murals and set design.

In Hong Kong, she stopped all commercial work and turned her creative energy inward while traveling the world, developing her inner life through personal experimentation and revelation, forming a synthesis which gave her an inner direction towards the development of her unique technique. Her spiritual discoveries were a breakthrough for leading to her innate, true style.

London opened the door to deeper work where she realized her first series of paintings od 25 paintings called "Evolution-Involution" using her new technique.

Arriving in New York she worked as a decorative muralist until 2004 where she received a private grant to realize a new collection of painting "Divine Reality of Human Illusion".

A body of work which has been exhibited in London, Paris, Italy, Germany, India, New York and San Francisco in both solo and group shows. Her works are included in private collections all around the world.

She recently moved her studio to India, where she works on commissions and on a new collection of paintings called "New Life".

Nad studied with Philip Rubinov-Jacobson in the seminar "Old master- New visions" 2004. Prof. Philip Rubinov Jacobson speaks about Nad Wolinska's work:

Wolinska's artistic expression, while grounded in the technique of the old masters, reveals the psyche of the contemporary visionary creative-worker. It is classical and modern; synthetic and natural; human and spiritual. Her art resonates with the cutting edge language of our age ... as it transcends but includes what has come before. She explores the perennial questions of life. She is a creative. She combines creativity and intuition, two integrating forces in her integral painting practice that is an essential part of her spiritual path. Instinct is the ground floor of intuition. Intuition is the ground floor of inspiration. Inspiration is the ground floor of revelation.

She aspires to move from a limited view that is: from the egocentric to a community-centric view; from that to a world-centric awareness and finally to an all-inclusive experience of the One Spirit peering out through the eyes of the many. It is manifested in her work as a perceptible reality that relates to the evolution of each being in interaction with the Macrocosm.

Inspiration showers upon the nature of this artist, that which is more measureless than her thoughts and often more vast than her comprehension. Wolinska breaks down conventional structures while building up a non-denominational art, for it speaks to all. She connects worlds within worlds, revealing the invisible behind the visible; a unity is unveiled while respecting diversity.
• 2008 Bayshore Studios, ARTsoup 17, San Francisco

• 2007 "Art on the Block" Auction. Nascent Art New York, New York

• 2007 The Magic Window Lafayette, CA

• 2006 Duo exhibition with Philip Rubinov-Jacobson, Henry Gregg Gallery Dumbo, NYC - Bistro du Soleil, Norwalk, CT

• 2006 Gallery in the Woods, Brattelboro, VT

• 2006 Meherabad, India

• 2005 "The Square Foot Show" Art Gotham, New York

• 2005 Henry Gregg Gallery, Dumbo, New York

• 2005 Selected for 2005 Pommery Pop Art Collection Contest - ARTEXPOS, Jacob K. Javits Center, New York

• 2005 Earth2Mars post productions studio, New York

• 2004 Salon de Quartier Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

• 2004 "Old Masters-New Visions" Viechtach Town-hall, Germany

• 2003 "Paintings in hospital" Sheridian Russel Gallery, London, UK

• 2003 "Brave Destiny" Largest show of living surrealist fantastic and visionary artists, Wah Center, NY

• 2003 "Old Fire Station" Organized by Perdurabo Art Agency

• 2001 3rd Biennale Internationale Dell'Arte Contemporanes, Florence, Italy. - "Myth & Visions" Object Image Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

• 2001 American Showcase, Greeley Square Gallery, New York - World Fine Art Gallery, Chelsea, New York

• 2000 Trio Exhibition with Naomi Rosenblatt and Jose E. Rico, Greeley Square Gallery, New York

• 2000 New Art Gallery, Bantam, CT, USA

• 2000 "NYAD 2000" DFN Gallery, New York

• 1999 "Something at Last" Exhibition, London

• 1999 Salon des Independants, Paris

• 1999 Institute of Physics, London. In Duo with Marc Boneham - The Georges II Gallery, Greenwich, UK

• 1999 Zapp UK, Baker Street, London, UK

• 1989 "Etoile 89" Regional Direction of Youth and Sport, Paris

• 1987 International Contest "B.D. 87" organized by L'Illustre. Comic strip: "L'Intermediare" 1985 - "1er Festoval de la B.D" Reuil Malmaison
• 2005 Recipient of the ARTV Muse Awards in the Oil painting category

• 2005 ARTV Award, MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas
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