Oleg Osipoff - Video

Oleg Osipoff is asymbolist painter working in the genre of the new surrealism. His paintings are multi faceted. Deep psychological fullness of expression, in the language of parables transfer his vision of the world, life and people. They impel the viewer to think and react.

The incredible detailed elaboration of works remains with the viewer for a long period of time, allowing him to discover new aspects and meanings within the painting. The artist lls the canvas with colourful philosophical scenes, believing that its main purpose is to communicate with the audience. Each painting is a story that is read by viewers in a different way.

His paintings are a mirror of subjective perception of the world. Reflexion of the books he reads, lms he has viewed, theatrical performances, life and the endured vital moments. Some of his works are not entered in frameworks of stereotypic thinking that pleases, as they force people to think, react and argue. He intentionally leaves to the spectator the possibility to “complete” almost half of his plan in painting, to “release consciousness” and to see something of their own, understandable only to them. Oleg Osipoff claims that he finds it necessary to leave some riddle and innuendo rather than present on the canvas everything ready to normal perception.
• 1999 Vienna Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

• 2007 Free Art Gallery, Miami, USA

• 2009 Valentine Ryabov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
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