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Patricia Van Lubeck is a Dutch painter. Born in Amsterdam, she now lives and works in New Zealand. Most recently, she is known for her oil paintings, which express most ercely the concept of “individualism.” A series of landscapes, these oil paintings are unlike anything else that she has done over the course of her career, sending a message that is at once demanding and inviting.

Striving never to be preachy or even to teach anyone anything about life, she is content simply by making people aware of their individualism and also bringing to light the pressures that society puts on that trait of ours.

Inspired by a lifetime of dreams and experiences, Patricia is someone who sees every life as a gift. The trees that she paints often speak to people on a personal level, and many people even identify with these trees as re ections of themselves. Her work “The Brave One” is reminiscent of a moment that many of us share, when we stood up to a crowd, expressing our individualism despite the risks and dangers that we faced. “The Lucky One”, on the other hand, is an illustration of multiple possible leaders within a group, perhaps taking as its subject the concept that each of us is a leader in our own life.

Inspirational without ever being disconnected from reality, Patricia is an artist whose work is therapeutic to the people who view it.

• 2015 ‘100 Days of Dutch art’ Ishen gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

• 2015 Ishen gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

• 2015 Art Revolution Tapei, Taiwan

• 2014 Dreamscapes, Alden Biesen, Belgium

• 2012 Art Revolution Tapei, Taiwan

• 2012 X-power gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

• 2011 Arundel Room, West Sussex, UK

• 2011 Millenium Gallery, Blenheim, New Zealand

• 2011 Eastern Southland Gallery, New Zealand

• 2010 Lopdell House, Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand

• 2010 Percy Thompson Gallery, Stratford, New Zealand

• 2010 Hawke’s Bay Exhibition Centre, Hastings, New Zealand

• 2010 New Zealand portrait gallery, Wellington, New Zealand (part of joint tour)

• 2010 ‘Surrealism Now’, Coimbra, Portugal

• 2010 Culture Inside Eutopia, Luxembourg

• 2010 McGee’s gallery, Melbourne, Australia

• 2009 Art Melbourne, art fair, Australia

• 2009 McGee’s gallery, Melbourne, Australia

• 2008 McGee’s gallery, Melbourne, Australia

• 2008 Dreamscapes exhibition Amsterdam, The Netherlands

• 2007 Artspost gallery, Hamilton, New Zealand

• 2007 Koru gallery, Hong Kong

• 2007 Gallery O, Perth, Australia

• 2006 Pataka Museum, Wellington, New Zealand

• 2006 The Artists Room, Dunedin, New Zealand

• 2006 Fisher Fine Arts, Auckland, New Zealand

• 2005 Kasteel de Hooge Vuursche, The Netherlands

• 2004 ‘Week van de Zee’, Egmond, The Netherlands

• 2004 Galerie Afterdaan, Hoogeveen, The Netherlands

• 2003 Galerie Collect-art, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

• 2003 Artiade, Alkmaar, The Netherlands

• 2002 Galerie Kanaalweg, Heiloo, The Netherlands

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