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Pedro Boaventura was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1966. He studied at Antonio Arroio School of Arts and thereafter took part in several drawing courses.

He is the Founder of Art Galaxie, an International project that serves to promote Contemporary Fine Art. This project spreads out into various platforms that include Art Book publishing, Art Magazine, Documentary Films, organising International Exhibitions, as well as this Art Portal consisting of more than 200 amazing Artists members from all over the world.

He works as a Filmmaker and has more than twenty years of experience in several areas of Video and Television. His experience includes TV Director, Director of Photography, Technical Supervisor and several other technical specialities. Currently he is directing a series of Art Documentary Films produced by Art Galaxie.

As an Artist, Pedro Boaventura is not limited to painting within the same artistic style. This would be quite difficult for he really enjoys exploring different styles in accordance with his mood and the artistic demands within himself. He also tries to be free from imposed rules of artistic matter. He does not want to be in a comfort zone, so at times he explores a realistic approach and times when he will let himself be completely free to explore other kinds of expression and techniques.

Each artwork he creates, he is challenged with new techniques, styles, themes, motives, etc. The importance of colour and value are predominant in his work as well as brushstrokes and the movement they create. Some say his brush technique is quite "musical".

Along the years his work has been classified as Expressionistic and at times variants of Impressionism and Cubism.

Pedro Boaventura intends on dedicating his life to creating Art and promoting the Art of others.

He states: “I could survive without so many things, but certainly not without Art”.
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