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Ramon Bruin, born October 9th 1981 in Alkmaar The Netherlands, is a Dutch artist. He graduated at the Airbrush Academie in Lelystad, The Netherlands in 2010 and started a airbrush company called JJK Airbrush. It specializes in custom airbrush art on different surfaces.

Besides airbrushing Ramon Bruin also paints and draws. He is known for using a variety of materials and methods. He paints in an modern expressionistic style with very bold use of colors. The topics of his painting are mainly sarcastic and absurd.

Ramon Bruin also is a drawing artist. In 2012 Ramon made an instant worldwide breakthrough with his own discovered style called Optical Illusionism. This style is a combination of drawing and photography. The end result is a photograph of a drawing, which has the intention to make the artwork come alive. With his style Ramon even makes the simplest drawings come alive and appear to be 3d. By clever placement of the paper, adding props or even acting is his own photograph composition he managed to created interactive drawings.

Ramon's art became an instant internet hype. His art is one of the most shared art on the internet of 2013.

At this day art is being sold and exhibited worldwide.
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