Rene was born in 1969, in small town Vechta, Germany. When Rene was a little boy, he started to create oil paintings. In 1995 Rene had his first solo exhibition and first sales. One year later, he officially began painting.

Since 1997 till 1999 he made a lot of exhibitions in Germany. Press reports and art magazines made his art known at this time. In 2000, Rene moved to Bremen where he converted an old house into the studio he is currently painting from.

In 2001, international art publishers have taken an interest in his paintings and in 2002 Rene's art are presented by galleries and on art fairs. In 2003 his work has become known worldwide.

Rene in his characteristic art work shows a reality which is located off the experienced reality.

His paintings are invitations to intellectual and emotional debates as well as to dialogues between art and man. Psychologists, surrealists and art students find his paintings inspiring and motivating.

His Paintings are presented by international art galleries, on expositions and on art fairs. Many of his art works to be found in private collections by important art collectors, in particular from the USA, Dubai, Germany and Australia. Each of his art works are a very good investments with increasing value.

Rene is an full-time artist. He lives and works in Bremen Germany.
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