Rima Almozayyen


Born in Damascus in 1977, Rima Almozayyen holds a B.A. in Fine Arts Education from Arafat University in Gaza (1999) and an M.A. in Design from Helwan University in Cairo (2008). A scholar as well as an artist, her Master's thesis examined the use of ancient Canaanite symbols in contemporary Palestinian visual art, and her paintings have been the subject of six solo exhibitions, the most recent of which, "The Body and Memory of Place," took place in Egypt in 2006.

She has also participated in a large number of regional and international group exhibitions and workshops, showing her work in France, the United States, London, Dubai, Amman, and Cairo, among other places. Since 2011, Almozayyen's artistic activities have been centered in Italy, where her focus has been on performance pieces and film and video art.

Almozayyen has also nurtured a career in public sector arts-based project and talent management as well as in arts education. From 2009 to 2011, she headed the Culture and Arts section of the media center of the Embassy of the Occupied Palestinian Territories in Cairo. Earlier, she spent four years (2002-06) as Deputy Director of the Children's Culture desk at the Ministry of Culture in Palestine, and a year as Head of Talent Development (2000). She has taught courses in both Ceramics and Design at Al-Aqsa University in Gaza.

Rima's diverse experience and education in the arts has influenced the development of her unique aesthetic vision and painterly technique. She describes her style as abstract-symbolic, and the main subject of her work as the Palestinian woman. Moved by her belief in the power of color and simplified symbolic shapes to move people to aesthetic enjoyment and reflection, she is known for her distinctly rich palette and strong visual imagery.    
Solo Exhibitions:

• 2000 Gallery (Reflections of color) Palestine - Bethlehem - Lounge Palestinian heritage - under the auspices of His Excellency President Yasser Arafat - is among four personal exhibitions of three artists from the group Earth (Abdel-Rahman decorated - Mohamed decorated - Rima decorated), of the political guidance and national - on the occasion of celebrations of Bethlehem Alvin 

• 2002 Gallery (Diklah) Palestine - Gaza - Arts and Crafts Village.

• 2005 Exhibition (International Women's Day) - Palestine - Gaza

• 2007 Gallery Canaanite symbols - Lounge - server Saad - Helwan University - Faculty of Art Education - Arab Republic of Egypt

• 2008 Gallery ((signals)) with support from the Arts and Culture, the AM Qattan Foundation - Hall of the French Cultural Center, Gaza

• 2009 Personal exhibition in gallery, a full-year (carredartistes), France 

• 2010 Exhibition "body memory ... the place" primarily Gezira Arts Center, Zamalek, Egypt

• 2012 Exhibition "Mariam .. and color code" in the city "celenza valfortore. In the old city museum "centri visita dei MONTI DAU"

• 2013 The exhibition "Art and Expresso" Italy / Bari 

• 2013Exhibition (Balvelstini) Gallery Porta Coeli in Acerenza city of Italy

Group Exhibitions:

• 2000 Gallery of Jerusalem in the eyes of artists configurations - Lounge dignity - Ramallah - Gaza

• 2001 Gallery (we will), the Red Crescent - Gaza

• 2001 Gallery (Certificate in color) - Lounge Rashad Shawa - Gaza

• 2002 Joint exhibition (2 × 12) Arts and Crafts Village - Gaza

• 2002 Gallery (another view to the artists) Hotel ambassador-Jerusalem

• 2002 Gallery (another view to the artists) has Rashad Shawa - Gaza

• 2003 Exhibition (the bridge) willlimsburg-bridges-algisser. A joint bid between the Iraqi and Palestinian artists in the city (Minabuls - USA

• 2003 Gallery (clay) Arts and Crafts Village - Gaza

• 2003-2204 Exhibit at the auction - hotel ambassador, Jerusalem

• 2005 Art Gallery of women - a global vision - Ladies Club, Sharjah - UAE - Sharjah City - a representative of the Palestine Batny suite of ten paintings

• 2006 Group exhibition (the product of the International Workshop of Alexandria Atelier) - Egypt - Alexandria in Alexandria Atelier

• 2006 Gallery (Art Arabs bonds) to a group of art and the future of Arab artists configurations with 70 artists from the Arab countries - Egypt - Cairo - Prince Taz Palace 

• 2007 Youth Salon - Egypt - Alexandria - Alexandria Atelier 16 / mostly Shiite

• 2007 Gallery (Arab Wings) Egypt - Cairo - Hall (waterwheel)

• 2007 Biennale of Alexandria - Alexandria

• 2008 Gallery (Basir heck)) - Rashad Shawa Center - Gaza

• 2008 Gallery, confluence, France

• 2008 Exhibition and auction (the place occupied) UK

• 2009 Gallery (remnants of Art) on the ruins of the City of Light studio building, the Red Crescent. Gaza Strip in solidarity with the Holocaust

• 2009 Gallery (other creations) Cultural Palace Ain Helwan, Cairo, Egypt

• 2009 Gallery (First International Biennial, cultural) cultural Nile, Cairo

• 2009 Fair (Spring) Hall (waterwheel) = Cairo

• 2009 Gallery (Ramadaniat) Hall (waterwheel) = Cairo

• 2009 Exhibition (the gateway to Jerusalem), Hall (Karma Ibn Hani) Ahmed Mukhtar Museum, Cairo

• 2009 Gallery (on the doors of Jerusalem) Hall Sawy = = = Egypt, Cairo

• 2009 Festival (Red Sea for the Arts) Suez = Palace of Culture in Suez Egypt

• 2010 Gallery (memory of the Palestinian revolution and pictures) Hall (shadow) in the El Sawy Culture Wheel, Cairo

• 2010 Art workshop (drawing on the body of the poem) in the poet House Foundation / Cairo

• 2010 Exhibition (International House of the poet) in the poet House Foundation / Cairo

• 2010 Gallery (cases Ktheh Sea one) within the Culture Day celebration in the halls of the Palestinian national poet's house

• 2010 Biennial of small pieces of Sakia, Sawy Culture Wheel. Egypt

• 2010 Workshop "Forum Sharm Fine Arts of the Fourth International" city of Sharm 

• 2010 Spring Salon, Sawy Culture Wheel. Egypt

• 2010 Salon Civil Association of Fine Arts, Bdorth eleven, Cairo Atelier

• 2010 Festival of the Red Sea to Suez Arts, Egypt

• 2010 Group exhibition (to commemorate the second anniversary of the Nakba sixty-Palestine), at the headquarters of the Arab Lawyers Union, Cairo

• 2011 Jerusalem Forum, the first of Fine Arts, Entitled "Jerusalem and the hopes of the pain ..." Under the auspices of the Jerusalem International Sawyal Culture Wheel in Cairo, Egypt

• 2011 The guest of honor of the State of Palestine international exhibition "Women and Art" to "Paris" of Italy

• 2011Participate in the Festival of short films, film (Freedom Freedom 2 1 ...... And then? In Italy

• 2012 Collective art exhibition "Proposals of Contemporary Art" at Gallery Mentana Mentana square-Florence

• 2012 "Spring of Arab women," the status of visions / 32 in Amman / Jordan

• 2012 Group exhibition "Textures Collective Contemporary Art" in the central Building Montevergine in Corso Giacomo Matteotti

• 2012 Art Workshop Festival "Women in Art = BARI Italy Artistic Coordinator and the Arab Participation by Federico Ii Events.

• 2012 International Exhibition / Premio Marina di Ravenna

• 2012 Group Exhibition Marsciano Arte Giovani 2012 City Museum "Perugia"

• 2012 Group Exhibition "matite in viaggio 2012 carnets disegni parole" 

• 2012 Group Exhibition of Palestinian artists "This also Strip", which regulates in Amman, Jordan

• 2012 Exhibition (despite) the group of artists Palestinians, art gallery (Arts Canteen) in London

• 2012 Exhibition (dignity to the Where??) Jordanian Royal Palace, the organization (Hawash)

• 2013 International collective exhibition flight emergency landing in Palestine

• 2013 Participation in Iraq (the guest of honor) represented my country Palestine, through Art Forum in Diwaniya, with more than 40 artists ... The exhibition includes artists of the pioneers of the motion of Fine art Iraqi

• 2013 Arab Forum Italian =PRIMO SIMPOSIO D'ARTE INTERNAZIONALE XCHANGE= in Salarnoh City, Italy

• 2013 Participating in the festival Art International Rosalecka / Bulgaria

• 2013 Exhibition (art for sale) at Studio Gallery / within a week of culture in Amman / Jordan
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