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RM Kavanagh born 1977. He lives and works in Wicklow, Ireland. RM Kavanagh has exhibited continuously from 1996 - 2016 in Ireland, Los Angeles, New York, London and Edinburgh. In 2005 he was commissioned by The Irish Drinks Distillery - Jameson Whiskey to create four unique paintings for their private collection. Kavanagh has continued to work on a large number of private commissions throughout his career. In 2015 he accepted the honour of Invited Artist to the Royal Hibernian Academy Annual Show. Most recently, a piece of Kavanagh's resides in the Imago Mundi Collection and has also been chosen as a finalist in ARC Salon 2017 competition.

RM Kavanagh's work captures that instant moment of when tragedy and beauty collide, which leaves him to contemplate the grey areas of life. His work explores the realms of the birth of an idea, it's existence and it's demise. Does it morph and evolve into something more manipulative, complex and beautiful in order to deceive? We strive for harmony in everyday routine but sometimes the mundane cycle of life drags us down into a subtle emotional abyss. With Kavanagh's work we see the familiar and strange, the disturbing yet illuminating manifestations of an inquisitive and provocative mind.
"As an artist I delve into the areas of life which are uncomfortable to ponder and I create those ideas onto canvas leaving an everlasting stain on the viewers mind".
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