Salavat Fidai - Video

Salavat Fidai is a Russian artist. He grew up in a small Ural Mountains village, and from a young age, his talent for art was fostered. His first love was for the visual arts, but because he worried about supporting himself financially, he decided to pursue a career as a lawyer. After studying law, he went on to work for trading companies over a twenty-year period. Successful in this role, he rose up into a senior position.

While he was living a comfortable lifestyle, he was never content in the corporate world. Eventually, he made the brave leap out on his own, taking up spiritual practices and spending more time reading and seeing the world with his family by his side, exploring and going on adventures in order to discover himself.

Salavat is today recognized widely for his sculptures, which he carves out of wood and chalk. In addition, he recently took up pencil graphite rods as a medium, a medium with which he had practiced when he was younger. Because graphite is so brittle, sculptures made with it crumble frequently, frustrating many artists who work with it. He draws influence from films, cartoons, animals, pop culture, comic books, other artworks, household items, and even architecture. Because his sculptures are so varied in their theme, he is sometimes seen as a cultural connoisseur, seeing the connections between forms that are traditionally considered high-brow and low-brow.

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