Sarah Deremer - Video

Born in Los Angeles, artist Sarah DeRemer has received notoriety with her bizarre photo manipulations of animals. Her witty creations combine animals with everything from balloons to fruits and vegetables, as in “Animal Food,” her first major series. These works featured exactly what the title may suggest – animals and food, but not in the way you would expect.

The creatures that are manifested from the images verge on the edge between delightful and disturbing. The often playful looking, colorful creatures that are the result of painstaking photo manipulation are exquisitely put together in Photoshop, and provide thought provoking commentaries on what both humans and animals consume. While many viewers and articles have referred to this set of images as a commentary on meat eating, this was not the intention & Sarah elucidates to the fact that she likes to leave her works open to interpretation.

Her most recent images take her concepts into the surreal realm, where we find hybrid creatures in a Dalí-inspired world. She realized the potential appeal of juxtaposing realistic looking images with fantasy, and while she is not the first artist to put these elements together, she does it in a way that taps into our subconscious.

There are scenes such as animals tall enough to reach the clouds, and a camel-turned-walking mountain scape, its humps replaced by jagged, snowy peaks. Other images are much more playful, such as a giant manatee peering through a living room window. It is all work that inspires both dreams and nightmares.
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