Shingo Matsunuma


Shingo Matsunuma started his career as an oil painter. He studied at the University of Japan where he found his love for the great masters of Japanese animated lms, such as Hayao Miyazaki, Mamoru Oshii, Satoshi Kon, etc.

While exploring other themes, he found his way to the contemporary digital world of Art. He began working with digital mediums because paint, paper and canvases were expensive and digital media has permitted him to work economically.

Using a pen tablet and Photoshop, he begins with a rough sketch, mixing biology with organic machines, robots, Kuricha and minerals.

His work is in uenced by anime and manga.

Some of his work might seem a little dark conveying messages of unhappiness, fear, anger, but Shingo Mat- sunuma states that they draw on the themes of silence, peace, kindness and joy.
There are many robots and strange living creatures fused with inorganic substances in my work, but I never imbue these creatures with negative feelings like "unhappiness, sadness, fear, or anger." Although they have a strange look about them, they evoke subtle feelings of "quietness, peace, tenderness, and joy."
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