Adtheo Astier-Dupuy


Originally from the South of France, he was reborn when he read about W.Turner an Zao Wou Ki in some arts magazine. Passionate about literature, jazz and electronic music, he found the same sensations in their work. He became fascinated and engrossed in the early works of Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh. From working with watercolor and ink, he switched for many long years to pastel drawing and chalk in a different style from today. About 20 years ago, a friend of his gave him his first large painting (100 x 80cm) as a present, the virus was there!

Since then, he has never stopped sculpting out of these colored pastes with knives, digging, scraping, stretching them, trying to create the ideal that probably does not exist. He then discovered painters like N. de Staël, J. Fautrier, and L. Zack who allowed him to go through new doors that he had never dared to go through for fear of getting lost. Self-taught by choice, he refused all education in order to discover and remain in charge of his emotions even if that meant making mistakes and losing time in his search to go over them. His work can be described as being a "travel into the mind and soul", an emotional universe where we see Man, its fragility and contradictions.

In his studio, he transposes his worlds on to his paintings using colors, papers and practice the techniques on all sorts of media. His own world creates within himself a need of expression, which takes him to a very personal creation. Each of his creations is related to the previous and the next one, and also tells its own story which one can interpret whichever way one likes. One must try not to find any link between the painting and its title. One must find the title that suits us and our mood at the time. Artistic creation, these days, is one of the last places of liberty where the actor does not answer to anything. In his own eyes, only emotion and feeling that one feels can give value to his work. His desire is to invite the viewer into his world and to share a moment, the magical moment where reality and unreality are mixed up in an amazing place.
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