Stanislaw Trzebinksi - Video

Stanislaw Trzebinski moved to Cape Town in 2012 to apprentice in sculpture and bronze casting and currently works out of his studio in Woodstock. The guiding thread of his work to date has been an exploration of the symbiotic relationship between humans and the natural world and draws on his intensive exposure to wildlife, cultural diversity and artistic engagement. Born in Kenya, Stanislaw spent his childhood escaping the bustle of Nairobi to explore the wilderness of the Rift Valley and the East African coast.

His childhood home was a living and learning space that invited artistic contribution as a primary means of self-expression. His talent was furthered by a high school art teacher who invited him to experiment with a wide range of mediums, from painting, collage and photography to welding and sculpting. He was gradually drawn most strongly to sculpture and on the strength of his portfolio, briefly attended Pratt in New York where he came to the realization that his creativity was intimately connected to Africa, its nature and peoples.

His current series gives expression to that intimate connection with nature, and in particular to his fascination with marine life. ‘When creating the Coral Series, I envisioned them underwater. I wanted to explore the dissociation of the human condition from the natural word’, he explains, commenting on how he feels that this primal bond has been usurped by acting against the ancient belief of the interconnectedness of all things.

There is a lot of vigor and immediacy in the work, due in part to the wax modeling which Stanislaw favors. Traces of the process, which involves heat and water, invariably celebrate the beauty of accident.
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