Sylvia Nitti


The painting conceived by Sylvia Nitti leads us into a recent past where her characters convey the sensation of being trapped in a photographic emulsion from the 70s. The greenish tones of the whole atmosphere look as if they were discoloured photographs, but at the same time, they’re capable of provoking a unique and ethereal ambience. We see the models being surprised as they carry out their actions, right in the middle of some thought. They find themselves alone in a simple and intimate moment, which they only share with their own world, or, perhaps, they find company in a subtle and nostalgic memory. Nitti's atmosphere is characteristic and exhibits a lightweight and surrealistic component. The light is not particularly strong, yet it’s capable of producing outlined shadows, filled with blue and violet tones. It sometimes resorts to a contrast of complementary colours, which increase the intensity and drama of the whole scene. Emphasizing all these effects, the skin of the figures is treated with reflections that come from the background, a solarization that amplifies the overall expressiveness as it underlines the pictorial characteristics.

Nitti's palette is deeply chemical and unmistakable. She resorts to schemes composed of analogous colours, ornamented with small notes of complementary hues. However, in other paintings, she prefers to rely on a widely different chromatic scheme. Although she keeps abiding by a small chromatic variety, she eventually ends up increasing the contrast to the maximum point possible, resorting to great coloured areas, that are juxtaposed with a intense and complementary contrast.

By Pedro Boaventura • Excerpt from Masters of Painting - Volume 1
Sylvia Nitti has received numerous awards and has exhibited her artwork in many prestigious National and International Exhibitions. Her work has also been included in art publications such as International Artist Magazine, The Pastel Journal and American Art Collector.

Sylvia is from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. After graduating from Pagkyprio Lykeio in Larnaca she attended Brescia University in the United States. While at Brescia, Sylvia received an art scholarship and won numerous awards in Drawing, Painting, Watercolor and Printmaking at the University's art exhibitions and regionally.

Sylvia has had solo and two-person exhibitions in the U.S and at Peter's Gallery in Lefkosia and in Limassol, Cyprus. She has also been a featured artist at Kypriaki Gonia Art Gallery in her hometown of Larnaca. During one of these exhibitions her painting "Raven Days II" was purchased by the State Collection of Contemporary Art Museum in Lefkosia.

Sylvia has also completed numerous portrait commissions for collectors in the U.S and in Europe. In addition, she is also a full-time Art Instructor and Gallery Director at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma.
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