Sylvie Wagner


Sylvie Wagner was born in 1959. She graduated in Photography from the School of Applied Arts in Vevey, Switzerland. She has participated in exhibitions and has also received various awards. She got the Youth Award for a slide show on “graffiti” and the Vevey Price on “Public Character of the town” to name a few.

Sylvie Wagner finds the sources of her inspiration in every nook and corner that her vision and perceptions can reach.

A city, a scene, a landscape...inspiration follows unexpectedly. It comes without warning, it possesses her. She then starts her “journey” photographing being guided by her six senses. A light, a tune, a person: she observes them and captures them all to her camera.

The following step is bringing it all together. The editing and assemblage of her inspirations. While being carried away by music that she listens to over and over again during the process, she populates a closed frame with images that come to life, just like words of a novel on paper.

She never knows quite when the artwork is nished. The end arrives with one last click on her keyboard.
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