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Thomas Dodd's photographic art is dualistic in nature; contrasting light and darkness, life and death, beauty and horror and joy and sorrow. His works often have mythic and quai-religious themes that pay homage to the Old Master traditions while at the same time drawing from psychological archetypes that evoke a strong emotional response from the viewer.

Although his artwork resembles paintings, his pieces are entirely photographic in nature, fusing many images into an organic whole His larger works are often presented in a mixed media form that adds a depth and texture that complements the photography beautifully.

Dodd began his career in the visual arts in 2005. Prior to that he was best known as the harpist and songwriter for the 1990s musical group Trio Nocturna, a Celtic Gothic group that produced three albums ("Morphia", "Tears of Light", and "Songs of the Celtic Night") and played at author Anne Rice's annual Halloween balls in New Orleans. The images Thomas creates are a visual equivalent of the music he composed in the 1990s. Both his music and his artwork have been described as "haunting, ethereal and enchanting"

Thomas has had numerous solo exhibitions of his works in the Atlanta area and around the US and has been a part of many group exhibitions around the world. He also has work on permanent exhibition in Paris at the Galerie L'oeil du Prince and at Art Gallery Constantin in Senlis France. His photographs have been featured in many magazines, on book and album covers and he is the subject of an upcoming documentary film on the art nude and censorship in modern times..
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