Tomas Vitanovsky

Czech Republic

Tomas Vitanovsky - Video

Tomas Vitanovsky has always loved cars and motorbikes since his childhood. When his successful motorcycle stunt career ended due to injury, he spent a lot of time tuning and fixing bikes to earn a living.

While continuing to be surrounded by chains and ball bearings, he had a vision while throwing out some used engine parts from a motorbike and decided to weld them together. This became a pivotal moment in his life and bearings, gears, chains and outlets began to transform into animals, beetles, cars and bikes.

Over time his techniques has not only improved and become more complex, but he has discovered many new ways to bring the life-like quality that many of his recent works have been appreciated for. The high-wattage UGI welding technique he uses for his sculptures is difficult and dangerous, and this provides him with the adrenaline buzz that partly replaces the lost rush since retiring from motorcycle stunt riding.

Tomas has exhibited his artwork in Harley Davidsons in the UK as well as in Lamborghini showrooms. His sculptures have also be published in articles from all over te world. Overtime his work has gained more international recognition and is now being sold thoughout the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America.

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