Vilijus Vaisvila


Vilijus Vaisvila was born in 1955 in Siauliai,Lithuania where he still currently resides. After graduating from Siauliai Art School he studied at the prestigious Vilnius Art Academy where he earned a  degree in ceramic and art teaching.

Vaisvila does paintings on canvas in both a realistic and surrealistic manner, metal and wood sculpture, and also paints portraits using very unique techniques. His compositions usually are created parallel to the surface of the canvas to offer the viewer a clear perception of the entire piece. Vaisvila's works are based on the contrast between the outward tranquility and internal tension. He remains a well known painter not only in Baltic countries and Scandinavia but also in Europe and the United States. He has had exhibitions in London, Bromella, Oslo, Chicago, and he also participated in the 2004 Artville exhibition in Copenhagen. Today we can find Churches, Cathedrals, Universities and social institutions decorated with work of the brilliant Lithuanian Master. Vilijus Vaisvila is popular in business and entertainment world as well.

Many hotels, jewelry shops, restaurants, entertainment centers are decorated with his canvases, frescoes and sculptures. In the year 2000, Vaisvila created his largest masterpiece: a 142 meter wide by 2 meter high fresco in an amusement ferry boat called the Sjaland, which is docked in Copenhagen. Later in 2002 he was invited to Marbella, Spain to create several special wall frescoes. As a member of American Society of Portrait Artists (ASPA), Vilijus Vaisvila has been invited to many celebrity homes to create portraits.

In the words of an art critic Vytenis Rimkus, "Each painting of Vilijus Vaisvila is presented in form of 'reading' it. There are many philosophical elements to be interpreted differently by each viewer. Often times, it is difficult to guess what the artist meant, but each individual is given a freedom to decide what it means to them". Vilijus Vaisvila's works require deep thinking and is extremely metaphoric in nature. "Four Seasons" is part of Vaisvila's Reincarnation series, where he puts forth his belief that we all will become our fitting form after death. According to Jevgenij Russkich and Echo Litvy, "Magic atmosphere mesmerizes the viewer in paintings of Vilijus Vaisvila. A combination of fantasy and realism allow viewers to see the world in several dimensions, which are now called "hyperspace". Paintings of the artist takes us to an unknown and mysterious environment.

The artist uses very vibrant colors and lighting, similar to that seen in works of cinema geniuses Tarkovskij and Bergman. It awakens our senses and mind". Vilijus Vaisvila also did series of paintings interpreting the art of Masters' such Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, P. Rubens and many others using his own form of expression. He used pastel colors of early Renaissance and bright colors of today to connect the past with the present and even the future. The series of "Classical Metamorphoses" were exhibited in London gallery 'Inspiration'.

Vilijus Vaisvila's work was also exhibited at 2009 Art Basel Miami Beach Satellite.
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