Zhao Na was born in Liaoning, China. Her passion lies in drawing, which she has been fond of since childhood, illustration and mural painting. She received her BA degree from the College of Art and Design and later her masters from The Mural Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts, both in Beijing.

Her portfolio reveals a versatile artist equally adept at colourful surrealist explorations as well as more traditional approaches. Her work has been used in several design pieces such as Romago watches and designer jewellery brands.

Zhao Na’s artwork is connected to the notions of nature, peace and love. Influenced by earth and space, she delicately transforms floral motives into her own surreal, psychedelic scenes, rebelling against the remorseless actions of society and the continual destruction of the environment. Her compositions are descrived to hold an intense visual energy.

She has participated in several Solo and Group exhibitions in China, Singapore and Hong Kong. She has also received awards of excellence for her outstanding creativeness and imagination.

Her artworks have been published in several articles around the globe.

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