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Zil Hoque’s portrays a profound Spain, full of vibrancy and emotion. He paints with the flair of an aficionado the scenes of bulls and horses and portrays the Sevillanas dancing like a passionate admirer. Resorting essentially to warm tones, so typical of Spain, he conveys the passion and sets the canvas on fire, reaching the point where it perpetrates the strongest emotions.

His semi-abstract backgrounds add a surrealistic touch, which underline the expressionism of his artwork. With vast strokes that compose the background, one can see almost everything without actually seeing anything. It is like background music that create an emotional ambience conducive to the transmission of ideas and feelings.

In his horse series, the animals appear to be on fire with their gold-plated fur. The particles that protrude from their movement are immense. The energy is so endless that their body almost seems capable of emitting light, typical of a solar body. Their strong presence even becomes blinding, something to which we cannot remain indifferent nor ignore.

In his bull series, we find the brilliance in the way he is able to represent the animal’s robust anatomy, as well as its radiating force, energy and soul. Their movement is extremely powerful, vigorous and their weight is properly delineated. It’s even possible to find the dynamism in the static scenes, thanks to the brushstrokes.

The movement conveyed by the Sevillanas is extremely intense, in such a way that we cannot even distinguish their forms, leaving behind only a suggestion. Body and dance blend with expressive brushstrokes, with an accentuated contrast that hides half the body whilst the other half burns with luminous energy.

By Pedro Boaventura • Excerpt from Masters of Painting - Volume 1
Zil Hoque was born in 1962.

Combining a passion for all things Spanish, the various elements of the country is combined in an expressionistic style with a high key colour palette. My main interest is the quality of light that exists in the extreme parts of Andalucía. Paint takes on a role of real light which both defines and obliterates the form or subject.

I would not call myself an impulsive painter; rather the experiences of my travels are collated in the form of charcoal studies, colour studies and then the final symphony on the main canvas.

The imagery of Spain in all its facets is an impression upon which I apply the plastic qualities of oil paint. Colours become real light and space within the canvases, building the surface into a composed impasto and optical contrast. Light against dark fat against thin and so the drama grows.

My deep interest in the masters such as Goya, Velasquez, Rembrandt and Bacon is echoed in their handling of the stuff of paint, the description of the subject is a joy to see when the medium becomes one and the same as the observation. These issues constantly pre occupy my mind whilst painting. It is never enough to see colour sitting on the canvas in a passive way, it has to move, illuminate and intrude our physical space. Only when this has been satisfied and on close inspection, should we see the subject emerge from the canvas.

Solo Exhibitions:

• 1987 Jablonski Gallery, London

1989 Horizon Gallery, London

1998 The Gallery in Cork Street, London (Hirschl Contemporary)

1999 The Gallery in Cork Street, London (Hirschl Contemporary)

2000 Unicorn Gallery, London

2001 Workplace Art, London

2004 Workplace Art, London

2013 Graham Fine Art, London

Group Exhibitions: 

1996 Salon de Graphique, Curwen Gallery, London

1998 Vital Art, Atlantis Gallery, London

2006 Mixed show, Sarah Myerscough Fine Art, London

2011 Mixed show Café de Paris, Mónaco

2012 May, Siger Gallery Contemporary 12 Hong Kong

2012 Moon Gallery,"Crstalization" Hong Kong

2013 Siger Gallery Contemporary 13, Hong Kong

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