A professional painter for nearly three decades, Sue Averell’s vibrant and whimsical paintings are renowned for their dramatic color schemes and expressive, flowing lines. A Southern California local, Averell attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California where she honed her fine art talents and began establishing her own distinctive style. Her first urban landscape series was presented by North Beach Gallery in San Francisco, and since then her work has been sold in galleries across the country. Her paintings are included in collections in the US, London, Switzerland, France, Germany, Thailand, Singapore, Israel, and Canada. Twelve to twenty times a year Averell is commissioned by both corporate and private collectors to create pieces for specific locations. 

Much of Averell’s work explores a common theme urban landscape and water, an interesting juxtaposition to the man-made urban environment. In 2013 Sue started a new abstract series focusing on land, sky & water. This new body of work allows for more experimentation with the materials and has added another dimension to her artist offerings. 

In 2015 Sue began working on a body of 3D pieces incorporating her textural painting style on three dimensional surfaces. Many of these works include people painted in unrealistic, textural color. Like her paintings they are large scale and include materials like; wood, paper Mache, ceramic and steel. Averell’s impressive and ever-evolving body of work continually captivates new and experienced art collectors.

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