Thomas Demuth is a German digital artist. He was born in Hamburg in 1965. Getting a relatively late start on his career as a professional artist, he completed his education in 3D design in 2002. Rather than referring to himself as a digital artist, he prefers the term “digital alchemist,” seeing the computer as the oven where he places his ingredients, the software as the fire below the oven, and his art as the gold that appears like magic when the process is over.

Thomas is highly skilled in the use of 3D rendering software. He is known for producing top-quality photo-abstract images based on polygon mesh structures, a style that he has named “Polygonismus.” Working with a mathematical mind, he is always trying to reduce his art to its most basic parts, using polygons sparingly. This approach leads to intense complexity in his work and some level of abstraction as well. While other artists aim for higher resolution, he is focusing on the beginnings of the polygon, exploring their early stages in a greater depth than anyone ever has before.

Thomas draws influence from history, religion, and anthropology. The message that he is trying to express via his work is one that is highly relevant in the modern world, one that ought to be frightening for anyone who becomes conscious of the monstrous consumption that has become a party of everyday life.

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