Lithunian artist Arunas Zilys and his vividly coloured oil paintings are well known on both sides of the Atlantic. Arunas' work stands apart from mainstream Lithuanian Art with its unique subjects as well as its colours. While traditional Lithuanian Art has been either strictly realistic or abstract, Arunas has chose neither way. His paintings have clearly defined subjects; however, the subjects are taken from the fantasy world. For instance, many subjects look like they're right out of fairytale, with many theatrical elements and decorations.

They're usually full of mistery and suspense, as if the fairytales are frozen in time. The paintings transport you back in time, when all of a sudden you're wondering whether you've seen this setting before, some time in your own childhood fantasies. The subjects usually entail many different cultural aspects from ancient history to modern times, and could be attributed to virtually any part of the world, thus making Arunas' paintings highly admired by people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

The subjects in his paintings are instantly admirable. They avoid main features of post-modernism art, such as declarations of aggressiveness, ugliness and anger. The human element in his painting is mysterious, provocative, and highly sophisticated. Although in many cases the subjects are slightly surrealistic they do not declare any contfrontations, pain or suffering. On the contrary, they are full of peace and claim self-consiousness, declaring the essential goodness of human nature.

In addition Arunas' colours emulate warm beauty and depth of the fantasy world. His style of painting creates and additional vibrating effect, where depth and stucture of painting changes with lighting, the angle of viewing, and even your own mood. Rich texture, mix and contrast of colours perfectly supplement the themes and give Arunas' paintings an unmistakable uniqueness that separates them from the crowd and make them so desired by art collectors from around the world.

Solo Exhibitions:

1996  Worpswede, Germany

1996  Arnstate, Germany

1997  "Baroti" Gallery, Klaipeda, Lithuania

1998  "Vartai" Gallery, Vilnius, Lituania

1999  "BGH" Gallery, Santa Monica, USA

2000  "BGH" Gallery, Santa Monica, USA

2001  "Artifacts" Gallery, Cambria, USA

2001  "Baroti" Gallery, Klaipeda, Lithuania

2008  "Esteban" Gallery, Paris, France

2010  "Pilies" Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2012  "Pilies" Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2013  "Pilies" Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

Group Exhibitions:

1989  Chicago International New Art Form exposition, USA

1994  Mostra D'Arte Pittori della Lithuania in Venice, Italy

1996  St. Petersburg IV World Biennale "Spatia Nova", Russia

2003  "Maldis" Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2011  "Verslo Bures", Vilnius Lithuania

2011  "Hermitage" Gallery, Eze, France
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