It’s blatantly obvious how Ribas enjoys portraying naked women of all ages, giving them a naturalistic semblance. In the “plastic” series, marked by strong contrasts and brightness, the surface of the plastic is outlined by using a mishmash of reflections and transparencies and shaped by the tension that models exert on it. Sometimes it’s like a fine layer between two worlds, in which plastic recreates new patterns that are implied in the composition. Other times, there seems to be a necessity of freedom, bursting from the cocoon, ending the asphyxiation.

Another recurring trait is the use of chess patterns, which extend themselves in space and put the spotlight on perspective. On the other hand, this also clearly establishes a comparison, in which materials with differing traits are contrasted: the warm and voluminous flesh against the cold, flat and lifeless ground.

It’s particularly interesting the unique way through which he portrays fabrics, creating huge and almost abstract spots of paint. Throughout his work, the fabric experiences different stages, since it simultaneously reminds us of a mantle, it presents traits and behaviours typical of a liquid matter, or acquires almost solid-like shapes, similar to marble. In some occasions, he even goes to the point where he puts more emphasis on the fabric and not so much on the figure. Whether its white fabric or skin texture, its particularly interesting how the immense brushstrokes contour landmarks and mould the surface in a volumetric manner.

With a wide array of subtle hues, Ribas indicates where we can find light and shade, in a gentle combination that adds an enormous dimension and depth, giving it a unique personality.

By Pedro Boaventura • Excerpt from Masters of Painting - Volume 1

Born on 28 December 1949 in El Masnou (Barcelona), At the age of 9 years old, he is introduced to the world of art by the artist José M. Martínez.

Later he begins to study in the Escola Massanain Barcelona.

From 1969 to 1974 he works in an international art agency called SI Artists, working as an illustrator, creating photographic documentaries and graphic design.

In 1975 he returns to his beginnings, painting, deciding to devote himself exclusively to it.

By 2015 he had presented 125 individual exhibitions and participated in several collective exhibitions. He has taken part in several international art fairs.

13 books have been published about his work.

His works appear in important private collections in Europe, the United States, Japan and Canada.

In 1995 he inaugurates his own art gallery in Sant Cugat del Vallès, “Espai Lluís Ribas”.

In 1998 he signs an exclusive contract for USA, with the prestigious company Wally Findlay Galleries, where he regularly exhibited in the different galleries of this company. 

In 2000 a sculpture of his, dedicated to women, is erected in the Plaça Magí Bartralot in Sant Cugat.  

In 2004, the artist films his first short film as director and screenwriter: Flor, in Palma, Majorca. 

In 2016 he celebrates the 40thanniversary of his first individual exhibition.

Lluís Ribas currently lives and works in La Floresta, Sant Cugat (Barcelona), where he built a house and study with optimum conditions of light and space in which to create his work. 

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