Paul P. Smith

United Kingdom

Paul was born in a caravan in Suffolk UK, in 1966, spending his early years surrounded by nature, his first memories are of fields and woods. As an adult Paul continually draws on these earliest memories for inspiration, much of his work is connecting events in his life with the world that surrounds him.

Paul moved to Norfolk in 1989, and has since this time, painted in almost complete isolation from other artists, concerned by being too easily influenced by others and wanting to find his own unique path. 

He paints exclusively in oils, most often images of nature, that are extraordinarily detailed. His use of detail reinforces his belief that the world is interconnected and multi layed, noting than when truly seen there is an "unrealness" to reality. 

Paul attempts to get away from what he describes as a "humancentric" standpoint in painting, instead replacing the world as though humans did not exist, to see nature untouched, to be looking at the world again but on natures terms. He describes his work as moving away from photographic, instead wishing it to be seen as real, tactile, sensitive and meaningful. 

His paintings take many months to complete, making his output each year relatively small, this however has made Pauls work highly sought after by collectors and currently bought internationally.

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