Alireza Dayani was born in Tehran, Iran in 1982, when Iraq started to attack Iran, 4 years after its revolution. He grew up in a religious family. He became interested in drawing and painting at 8 years of age when he came across a few abstract paintings he saw in a movie. His artistic abilities and passion made him stick out amongst his colleagues at school. Alireza Dayani majored in Psychology and later in Philosophy. He started to paint professionally when he was 17. In only one year, he had managed to create more than 500 realistic drawings.

His first exhibition was at the Golestan Gallery, where he exhibited still-life paintings. However, his style changed a lot since then when he started to paint things from his childhood imagination. It was from there on that he found his surrealistic and fantastic realism style, for which he is known for.

Alireza Dayani has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions all around the world: Iran, Dubai, United States of America, England and Mexico. He has also participated in auctions (Cristy’s Auction and Banhams Auction). Some of his work can also be found in the British Museum and the Chelsea Museum in the United States.
Solo Exhibitions:

2013 Mah Art Gallery - Tehran

2011 Mah Art Gallery - Tehran

2006 Dey Gallery - Tehran

2004 Golestan Gallery - Tehran

Group Exhibitions:

2011 Art Dubai - Dubai - UAE

2009 LTMH Gallery - Selseleh Zelzeleh, Movers & Shakers in Contemporary Iranian Art

2008 Mah Art Gallery, An Impressive Representation by 50 Artists - Tehran Arya Gallery Dey Gallery Emam Ali Museum Iran Artists Organization
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