Born 1960 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Jan Esmann still lives and works in Copenhagen.

Jan Esmann apprenticed to the late neo-realist painter Niels Hermann Wamberg from 1980-83. He acquired a B.Sc. in art restoration from the Royal Academy of Arts in order to learn historical painting techniques and the craft of the artist's materials. He also has an MA in Modern Culture from Copenhagen University. He has worked as an assistant professor at the University of Copenhagen's faculty of Art history where he taught historical painting techniques and at the faculty of Modern Culture where he lectured on the influences of spirituality on the formation of abstract painting.

Jan Esmann has been commissioned by the Danish National Museum twice and has exhibited in various museums in Denmark. He has exhibited regularly in Denmark and abroad and is represented in numerous private collections in Denmark and abroad.

Jan has written three books on spirituality and a collection of short stories (in Danish). He has also written a handbook of the artistís craft.
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