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Adam Martinakis shows us how tenderness and comfort have a chemical capacity of being able to change the whole matter and force for the unification of our bodies. All barriers are trespassed without noticing where one begins and the other ends. The contours become mixed and blurred, giving birth to a unique, synergetic being, the product of combining both substances, in the junction of being just as physical as it is spiritual.

The voluptuous opaque skin gives origin to a slimly and transparent structure, as fragile and delicate as feelings unleash themselves. It weaves a web of emotions, scattered throughout an attentive atmosphere, which is witnesses the whole event. The matter transforms into a weightless weaving, accentuating the lightness of the being. A wireframe reveals its intimate side and is stripped of prejudices, a cocoon that protects the emotions of a half-organic existence.

Martinakis is quick on the trigger, expert in the portrayal of the precise moment when everything happens. Something that could not happen a second before nor after; only the moment when stars are aligned. For this reason alone, he manages to eternalize it. Martinakis is the only witness and effectively tells us the whole story through the use of body language. A single image captured at the best angle; this unique point-of-view is capable of revealing the entire transparency and sincerity of the being. Everything is concentrated there in its purest essence. There is no-one and nothing more, far too strong to leave the scene unscathed, the world stops and silently watches. It is like a suspended breath that infects us with its emotions.

The beauty of ecstasy, an intrinsic and seductive desire that explodes with the typical bursting energy of a unique type of climatic experience, in which pleasure becomes too strong and intense to be contained by the limits of the body.

By Pedro Boaventura • Excerpt from Masters of Contemporary Fine Art - Volume 3


Born in Luban, Poland in 1972 and is of Polish and Greek descent.

Adam Martinakis moved to Athens, Greece in 1982 and where he studied Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Industrial Design.

He has been occupied with Interior Design, Graphic Design, Ceramic Design and 3D visualization, and as an artist and tutor, for 10 years.

Since the year 2000, he's been working and experimenting on artistic computer-generated visual media (3d digital image/rendering - animation, digital sculpture, digital video, new media).

He is a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts and lives and works in Greece, Poland and the UK.

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