Samuel Gomez


Born in the Dominican Republic and with a background in Creative Design and Illustration, New York artist Samuel Gomez's meteoric rise began with his inclusion in the 2013 ArtPrize Competition in Grand Rapids, MI, his first showing in any public forum. His piece “Deadpan Comedy” attracted the attention of Colossal, Juxta- poz, Hi-Fructose and many other publications and blogs, virtually gaining him instant renown. He has since showed in Germany, The UK, France, Spain, Serbia among others and joined several prestigious private collections.
Gomez’s steampunk aesthetic is marked by an extensive usage of universal symbolism and contemporary themes of science, socioeconomics, sustainability, and, prominently, the future of automation and AI. The self-proclaimed storyteller's ominous scenes are so dense with imagery and symbolism, they beg the viewer to lose themselves in their interconnected, multi-dimensional depths. Gomez shows a society that has been led astray by corporations, capitalism and over consumption.
“I question a world where all events and affairs seem systematic and guided,” says Gomez, “yet, without a clear compass on the horizon, it's just chaos.”

Samuel Gomez received a BFA in 2001 from Parsons School of Design in New York.
Gomez is a member of the Drawing Center & The Americas Society from New York.
He currently lives and works in New York.
My early years echo visions of empty playgrounds and narrow alleyways whispering scarci- ties of all sorts. Labor strikes were constant, felonies were the normal and fun was reserved for afternoons of baseball games in the street among reckless drivers and noisy motorcycles.
As a child, amidst all that chaos and lack of a clear compass on the horizon, my mind was constantly inventing unreal and unnatural scenarios of its own, where reality was a fun place to be, systematic and guided, like riding in surreal automated theme parks. When I left home* and welcomed New York city as my second home in 1999, the experience was a per- sonal paradox. Suddenly, being surrounded by abundance, illusion of safety and prosperity seems surreal enough to me. That’s when my curiosity strived and i started questioning everything and the system we live in.
The narratives on my work come from those questions. Questions of contemporary strug- gles and challenges; I question a world where all events and affairs seem systematic and guided, yet, without a clear compass on the horizon, for me, it is still ‘just Chaos’.
• 2016 'Artprize 2016', Devos Place, GR, Michigan

• 2016 'UnSolo', Mike Wright Gallery, Denver, CO

• 2015 'Paper Work', Mike Wright Gallery, Denver, CO

• 2015 'Opening of Naia Museum', Chateau Rochefort-en-Terre, France

• 2015 'Illustrated 2015, Showcase Cities Gallery, London, UK

• 2014 'Facing The Future', STRAND-Sustainable Urban Society Association, Belgrade, Serbia

• 2014 'Freqs of Nature Festival 2014',Freqs Of Nature, Berlin, Germany

• 2014 'Factory Limited / West London Art Factory', Muse Gallery, London, UK

• 2013 'Ilustradores Divergentes', Sonho Gallery , Granada, Spain

• 2013 'GRAM Selects ArtPrize 2013: Encore', Grand Rapids Art Museum , GR, Michigan

• 2013 'ArtPrize 2013', Grand Rapids Art Museum , GR, Michigan

• 2016 Winner of the ' Artista Latino Award ', Sponsored by the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan during Artprize 8 awards ceremony

• Steampunk: The art of Retro-futurism.

• Les Paul Manual by Terry Burrows

• ‘TIRADE’ magazine

• Naia Museum Booklet

• ‘Facing The Future’ by STRAND

• ‘Sketching from the imagination’ by 3D Total Publishing

• ’Fantastic Illustration II’ By Designers Books

• Limmie Magazine (Jakarta, Indonesia)

• Juxtapoz Magazine

• Hifructose Magazine

• Colossal

• My Modern Metropolis

• Made in Shoreditch (London)

• Le Cool magazine (London)

• Cover Mag (France)

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