Alejandro Dini


I was born in Argentina in the 70's, but my family moved to Italy when I was five, making me culturally Italian for the most part.

I’ve been drawing all my
life, since I was a kid. I attended a science oriented high school, which led to many frustrations. I preferred drawing monsters on my school books than actually reading them, even though I’m now a passionate reader of philosophy, art critique, psychology and classic novels.

I started practicing drawing by myself studying Burne Hogarth’s anatomy
books, until I entered the Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin (Italy) and finally studied illustration.

Job search and other twists of life led me to Hong Kong in the year 2000, where I work as
graphic designer and illustrator.

Since I graduated I've been working with advertising, publishing, multimedia companies, toy manufacturers, and video-games, while developing my own work on my spare time, due to my preference for fine arts.

Lately I’ve also moved my first steps into teaching design, an entirely new challenge but something I might pursue more in the near future.

Technically, at first my preferred media were
water-colours and coloured pencils, however since I live in Hong Kong I moved to digital painting, that I approach as a traditional technique. Digital painting also allows me to easily lose myself in the process without interruptions like cleaning brushes, preparing the work area and so on, or space limitations (Hong Kong apartments too small to collect and work on canvases).

I like sharing my visions with others. Whenever I'm given that chance I can say I'm satisfied. If the chance doesn’t come I create it myself, by showing my work in web communities, my personal website and occasionally publishing in art books.

Art to me is about aesthetic research and self-expression, which ultimately means self-knowledge.
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