Henrik Moses


My name is Henrik Moses. I’m a Netherlands-based semi-professional artist, living in the beautiful city of Zwolle. I was born to Armenian parents in Iran in 1968, and moved to The Netherlands in ‘94.

Art —especially drawing— has always been an inseparable part of my life. When I was a child I would draw on the walls, furniture and even my own arms and legs. I’ve always been fascinated by the notion of creating something (beautiful) out of nothing. The joy of creation soon became the red thread in my life, on which my entire artistic and professional life has been based.

I sell my original and commissioned artworks worldwide, hand delivering them in The Netherlands and shipping to other countries. My art consists largely of graphite drawings, followed by colored pencil, pastel and acrylic paintings. I’ve never had
a formal art training and am completely self-taught.

My art is mostly photo-realistic, but I consider myself more of a conceptual artist. I use realism as a tool to convey a certain thought, feeling, or experience. Every detail and every stroke is me trying to communicate a message as clear and accessible as possible. I believe that when the packaging is aesthetically pleasing, then the viewer is more receptive to the content.

"Realism is not an imitation of nature—it's a representation of it. A magnifier through which we can see and appreciate the beauty of things we often fail to notice."

• 2012 Parallax Art Fair London February 16 - 18, London, UK

• 2012 Parallax Art Fair NY August 03 - 05, New York, USA
• 2007 Publication in the 5th edition of the e-magazine Womag

• 2008 Publication in the April edition of the e-magazine AntiDull

• 2008 Publication (including cover) in the book Amazing Pencil Portraits

• 2009 Publication in the February edition (Delirium 1) of the e-magazine Area Zinc

• 2009 Publication in the 91st edition of the French magazine 3e millénaire

• Various book covers and a movie poster
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