Krull is an exceptional draughtsman. Although trained as a painter, his practice focuses mainly on largescale drawings. Utilizing an almost sculptural approach in his works, the lines seem to protrude the paper in a way that resemble phenomena found in nature like the formations in stalactite caves or the growth rings found in trees. His latest works consist mainly of pencil on paper drawings, some of which were done from the passenger seat of a moving car while crossing the US. Krull's work methods involve the invention of elaborate drawing techniques that act as constraints but simultaneously break open new territory. Carl Krull graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kracow, Poland in 1999 and has contributed to a wide range of exhibitions in Denmark as well as abroad. His works are held in numerous prominent collections - one of them being ARoS, Aarhus Art Museum in his hometown.


Solo Exhibitions:

• 2017 “Sediment” Format Artspace, Copenhagen, Denmark

2014 “Seismic” V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011 “Snapshots From Slumberland – 3 X KRULL” ARoS Kunstmuseum, Aarhus, Denmark

2010 “Telescope” V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2010 “In Two Minds” Gallery DYO, Nicosia, Cyprus

2009 “Drawn” Flatfile Galleries, Chicago, USA

2009 “Autotelic” Rec Galerie, Paris, France

2008 “Lead Head” Rec Galerie, Paris, France

2007 “Art Studio Itsukaichi 15th Exhibition” Akiruno, Tokyo, Japan

2007 “Oeuvres récentes sur papier” Gallery Kamchatka, Paris, France

2003 Revolver Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2001 Riga Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Group Exhibitions:

2017 “Face and Identity” Art Centre Silkeborg Bad, Silkeborg, Denmark

2016 “Corpus Unika” solo-performance – the Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016 “One Size Fits All” Format Artspace, Copenhagen, Denmark

2015 “Strange Waves” Flatcolor Gallery, Seattle, USA

2015 “Grafik” Kunstbygningen, Vrå, Denmark

2012 “Tonight We Won’t Be Bored” V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2012 “Gili-Gili w Zbiorniku Kultury” Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland

2011 “Snapshots From Slumberland – 3 X KRULL” ARoS Kunstmuseum, Aarhus, Denmark

2011 “Palace Party” Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011 “Late Summer” Charlotte Fogh Contemporary, Aarhus, Denmark

2011 “Flash-Back” Augustina, Augustenborg, Denmark

2011 “Eyjafjallajokull” Galeria Nova, Poznan, Poland

2011 “Eyjafjallajokull” Galeria ??cznik, Krakow, Poland

2011 “I Stribevis” J. F. Willumsens Museum, Frederikssund, Denmark

2011 “One Shot” Kunstpakhuset, Ikast, Denmark

2010 “Album” V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2010 “One Shot” Allmänna Galleriet 925, Stockholm, Sweden

2010 “Gracias por pensar en mi” Museo del Caribe, Barranquilla, Colombia

2010 “Art Copenhagen” The nordic art fair, V1, Copenhagen, Denmark

2009 “One Shot” Werkstette, Copenhagen, Denmark

2009 “The Future is Here” Galleri Jarsbo, Aarhus, Denmark

2009 “Slick09” Art Fair, Rec, Paris, France

2009 “2X2” Galleri Jarsbo, Aarhus, Denmark

2008 “#001” Gallery Kamchatka, Paris, France

2008 “White Noise Drawn Together” V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2008 “WIEDER-Aufbau 6” HOTELbich, Brussels, Belgium

2008 “Art Copenhagen” The nordic art fair, V1, Copenhagen, Denmark

2007 “Manifest07” Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark

2007 “Paper trails” V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2007 “Preview Berlin” The emerging art fair, V1, Berlin, Germany

2007 “Art Copenhagen” The nordic art fair, V1, Copenhagen, Denmark

2007 “loloopop” Norrköpings Konstmuseum, Sweden

2006 “There is a u in us” V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2006 “Art Copenhagen” The nordic art fair, V1, Copenhagen, Denmark

2006 “A la trace” Gallery Kamchatka, Paris, France

2006 “loloopop” Nordic House, Thorshavn, Faeroe Islands

2005 “DNA” Gallery Edition, Copenhagen, Denmark

2005 “DNA” DogA – Norwegian Centre of Architecture & Design, Oslo, Norway

2005 “DNA” Gallery Doktor glas, Stockholm, Sweden

2004 “The Nepotists” Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark

1999 “Diploma – ASP” The Art Palace, Krakow, Poland

Public Collections:

ARoS, Aarhus Art Museum, Denmark
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