Richard de la Cruz


Richard de la Cruz is capable of sorting chaos artistically. Equipped with a magic brush, he paints a crowd that epically organizes itself. Going against the odds, we find order and unity to be so well collected that any change represents nothing short of an impossible task. Everything seems to be in its precise position, situated in the only possible place. Everything appears to make sense. Nothing here is forced, and everything is ordered under a geometric logic.

The abolition of color awakens the values allowing them to build shapes in which the volumes stand out like sculptures. Its trait is seductive, endowed with fierce voluptuousness, and rounded with an effect reminiscent of the engraved carvings and Rococo style. By relying on the principles of design, and exhibiting a skillful knowledge of the classical rules of composition, he can do two things at once: on the one hand, the gently conducted gaze makes the composition unfold itself in different acts and, on the other, he narratively tells a story during the whole process.

An in-depth story clearly emphasized in the three-dimensionality of its characters. They are pure human frames that carve a society in which all parts constitute a whole, relating harmoniously and contributing to the full picture. Waves of movement that orbit around the characters and their actions radiate the perfect composition where we can see the tree and the forest. It is the individual and society; the belief and worship; the big and little; and, the manual craft that supports the weight of an existence constituted by committed and placid movements. Proletarians that integrate machines; the elements of the mechanism accountable for their perpetual functioning. Cruz can whimsically address serious issues, hence describing major contractions or even congenital injustices in perfect harmony. Just like a melancholic piece of a reconciled mechanism that, serenely, appears to function in tune.

By Pedro Boaventura • Excerpt from Masters of Contemporary Fine Art - Volume 3

Born in 1981, son of a farmer and simple housewife, the artist has roots from Oton, Iloilo, Philippines. He is a neophyte family man, whose art is the sole fender for his youngster. He portrays intricate and often elaborated laborious scenarios as inspired by the diligence of surrounding folks in his vicinity like field and construction workers to name a few. Richard De la Cruz is an epitome of an isolated yet passionate self-taught artist who focuses on the fruits of every labor and the lesson in every adversity; Resembled by carabao, beast skulls and massive assemblage of hectic workers, he often reflects his personal narratives to his every masterpiece.

Group Exhibitions:

• 2018 Legacy: Homage to the Masters in the Louvre Art Anton Gallery (Manila Conrad Hotel, Manila Philippines)

2018 Pwersado - Museo Iloilo (Iloilo City)

2018 First Ortigas Art Festival - Eskinita Gallery (Estancia Bridgeway, Capitol Commons)

2018 Asian Contemporary Art Fair - Galleria Camaya (Conrad Hotel, Hongkong)

2017 Philippine Art Fair 2017, Altromondo Gallery, The Link, Makati City

2017 Asian Contemporary Art Fair, Galleria Camaya, Conrad Hotel, Hongkong

2017 Unmasked, Artologist Gallery, San Juan, Manila

2017 ICM (International Care Ministries) Auction - Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center (Hongkong)

2017 November Rain - Orange Gallery (Bacolod City)

2017 Tuhog Show - Arte Pintura Gallery (Quezon City)

2016 Viva Excon, Art of the Islands, Casa Real, Iloilo City

2016 Puersado (Museo Iloilo Special Edition) Museo Iloilo, Iloilo City

2016 The Wall, Altromondo Contemporanea, Makati city

2015 Subject to Change - Museo Oloilo, Iloilo city

2015 Ang.gulo (3 man show), Artes Orientes Gallery, Serendra Art Space, BGC, Taguig city

2015 In the Busy Ground - Museo Iloilo, Iloilo city

2015 Kristo - Museo Iloilo, Iloilo city

2014 Sinirayu - Ysobel Gallery, Serendra Art Space, BGC, Taguig city

2014 Vision - Ilonggo Artists, Museo Iloilo

2014 Sinamakan - Museo Iloilo, Iloilo city

2014 Kristo - Museo Iloilo, Iloilo city

2014 Philippine Art Awards Grand Exhibit & Awarding - Yuchengco Museum, Makati city

2013 Vision – Museo Iloilo, Iloilo city

2013 Kuadro Ilonggo - UPV Gallery, Iloilo city

2013 50 Ilonggo Artists - Artist’s Space, Ayala Museum, Makati city

2012 Small Works @ the Museum - Museo Iloilo, Iloilo city

2012 Vision- Nuseo Iloilo, Iloilo city

2012 Made 2012 Winners Exhibit - Le Pavilion, Metropolitan Park, Pasay city

2012  Gahum Kabataan - UPV Art Gallery, Iloilo city

2012  Tatsulok Artists Group - “Ganha-An”, UPV Gallery, Iloilo city

2011 Made 2011 winners exhibit - Le Pavilion, Metropolitan Park, Pasay city

2010 Made 2010 winners exhibit - Le Pavilion, Metropolitan Park, Pasay city

2010 Tatsulok Artists Group “Transisyon” - Museo Iloilo, Iloilo city

2009 Made 2009 Winners Exhibit - Le Pavilion, Metropolitan Park, Pasay city

2009 Dos por Tres-Big and Small Gallery – Robinsons, Manila

2009 Art Petron Winners Exhibit - Petron Mega Tower, Makati city

• 2015 Philippine Art Award shortlisted Visayas region

2013 Outstanding Ogtonganon in the field of visual arts

2014 Finalist, Philippine Art Awards Visayas regional selection

2012 Finalist, Metrobank Art and Design excellence, oil painting category, Pasay city

2011 Finalist, Metrobank Art and Design excellence, oil painting category, Pasay city

2010 Finalist, Metrobank Art and Design excellence, oil painting category, Pasay city

2009 Finalist, 9th Artpetron National Art Competition-oil painting category, Makati city

2009 Finalist, Metrobank Art and Design excellence, oil painting category, Pasay city

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