When imagination and humor come together on a canvas, the outcome is surprising. Alejandro Burdisio exchanges the past for the future almost like a child’s game: an empathic memory of a future civilization lost in the aesthetic melancholy of the first half of the twentieth century. A succession of historical “layers” mirroring the economic and socio-political meanings.

Burdisio and his illustrative style show significative influences of comics and cartoons, but also caricatures.

Albeit digital illustrations, where one can “feel an artistic touch” from his painting style. The atmosphere is compelling, visible in space through the atmospheric perspective. It delves even further and becomes volumetric. Its texture is palpable and has its own weight, sustaining surrealistic habitats with naturalness. In a polluted and urban environment, or with blue but cloudy skies, paradisiac islands built by iconic buildings and automobiles are engraved, within a magnificent old-fashioned design.

Burdisio, using a distinctive pallet, paints scenes of movie-like environments. The light is gentle and careful – fluid; it takes our glance across the points of interest. The distribution of “values” and contrasts follows a rhythm, lightly outlining the whole scene but with an entirely unique determination. His work achieves photo-realistic plasticity, where the volumes are geometrically positioned to enhance the perspective, by the lines of force in parallel with the vanishing points.

The composition gains its magnificence due to a whole lot of succedaneums perspectives, which are not limited to the horizon line. In fact, quite the opposite, we encounter successive azimuths, which, covering all sides, surround and encompass the whole 3D space; Burdisio highlights new directions to us by using strict geometric accuracy. We become involved in space, and therefore we can see the depth, look to the left and right, but also up or down. It is an artifact that puts us right in the center of the action.

By Pedro Boaventura • Excerpt from Masters of Contemporary Fine Art - Volume 3

Alejandro Miguel Burdisio, artistically known as Burda, was born in the city of Córdoba on 5/9/1966. He is a self-taught artist who is dedicated to drawing, painting and illustration professionally since he was 19 years old. In his academic background, stands out his (incomplete) step at the Faculty of Architecture in Córdoba, a fundamental phase in his training as an illustrator and designer. With more than 25 years of experience as an illustrator, today he has his own Graphic and Architectural studio (named after him), where he works in partnership with a multidisciplinary team for the local and foreign media.

For a long time, he has dedicated himself to "Fantasy Art", which currently allows him to participate in Animation Productions, Short Films and Films as a concept artist. Today he is working as an Art Director at the Lighthouse Production Company. He travels to give talks on training and dissertations at different universities in the country and Latin America.

He is currently working for various producers making concept art for animations, series and movies.

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