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Arturs Akopjans was born in Armenia in 1969, but was forced to leave his homeland for personal reasons and in order to study. He has been living in Latvia and loves the country of which he is now a citizen. He has great admiration for Latvia, but still loves and misses Armenia, having lived there with family and friends for nineteen years.

In 1996, he studied painting at the Latvian Academy of Arts. “I became interested in drawing around the age of six. On that day I wanted to play in the street, but it was raining and I was not allowed into the yard. I wept and then I saw a book with pictures of horses and started to redraw the horse. I liked the picture and so I was interested in painting.” Arturs’ mother also strongly encouraged him in that direction since he was a child.

He has held solo exhibitions in Latvia, Denmark and Austria, and has also participated in several group exhibitions.
Solo Exhibitions:

2009 - 2000 A. Snas gallery, Riga

Group Exhibitions:

2008 - "European Cities" Brussels - Works are in personal collections Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, USA, UK, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Armenia

2007 - Brussels

2005 - II The General exhibition of Latvian art exhibition hall "Arsenals", Riga

2003 - "21 no divdesmitpirm", Belgium

2002 - "21 no divdesmitpirm", Denmark
2000 "Riga in Contemporary Art" Riga City Council Prize for the best work

1986 All artists' exhibition in Vilnius, Lithuania
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