Asokan Nanniyode is an Indian artist, born in 1966, Trivandrum, Kerala. He says he paints what he perceives and collects from nature. It has a particular meaning in the place where he lives and was brought up in. Being totally immersed in his own culture, his paintings depict a journey in the manifestation of the inside, to a world wthin the world we may travel in. Asokan takes us and walks us - as a tantrist - from "image" to "image" like a tightrope walker across metaphysical aporias. Also it looks like we are crossing at the same time unknown abysses of human experiences, that keep silent, but not blind to the heart. He has spend many years in an "ashramam" (Monastry) deep inside the forest learning art and meditation under his tantric guru. He is highly spiritual and considers his closeness with nature - which is his main inspiration for paintings.
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